Monday, 19 September 2011

Helen's new Etsy store

Hello bloggers,

You know Helen of has opened her new Etsy store with her beautiful handmade crafts.

She is an amazing crafter and makes great paper craft - a visit to her blog will endorse what I am saying.

Do check out her new store if you have a moment:

Hugs and have a nice week ahead,



Rae said...

Hi Monica!
I love Helen, and I love the fact that she now has an Etsy store! Don't be surprised if you also see me promoting it on my blog! :)
Hello to you, and hoping you are well and having a great week!
Thank you so much for being a faithful visitor. I hope to do and be the same...until next time. Rae

Helen said...

Hi Monica,
Thanks for the link to my shop. You truly are a dearest blog friend.