Friday 26 May 2017

Partly recycled card and my mum's embroidery

Hello sweet bloggers,

Yes, life has been busy with my initiative called United World Sanctuary, my new self study of essential oils and my fave passion called Meditation. On Monday, I am hosting a workshop on essential oils and a special massage technique with them called Rainbow technique on Monday, 29th at my place. There is a very learned lady here from the US who will be teaching us and I am excited.

Now to my simple card which has pretty much used recycled material. The sweet hippo has been die cut from a yoghurt lid and the blue nestie you see was part of a brochure in it's previous avatar. The grey banner is designer paper given by a dear friend. The blue and grey paper actually shine pretty much in real life. The sentiment on this card is one of my favourites. I did take a permanent black marker and touch up the happy hippo's eyes, ears and smile. 

I thought of sharing this pretty embroidery that my mum did in Home Science which she did a degree in. This was embroidered in the 1960s. She claims the 3D effect is because she used all six veins at the same time. She always tells me that one should create stuff that takes the least amount of time and is pretty at the same time. Well, this proves her theory quite so. Lol.

Happy crafting,


Thursday 4 May 2017


Hello sweet bloggers,

Here is a card to show you that Aleeza helped assemble after choosing the paper and die cut and embellies. The teddy seems to be cross eyed here but in real life, seems okay. I did most of the sticking and paid Aleeza two Singapore dollars for it and she was laughing that I did all the hard work and paid her for it. Well, I wanted her to get into card making so it was kind of a bribe. Lol.
Well, she did colour in the nose and mouth.

I will enter this card in the following challenges: - anything goes - anything goes

Happy crafting,


Monday 1 May 2017

Froggie says hello

Hello lovely bloggers,

Happy first of the month. I remember as kids, we used to say to each other, "A pinch or a punch on the first of month' and how happy we felt at something as small as that.

Here is my card to show you today. I simply love this sentiment and the die cut frog has been made from printer paper that was given batik treatment - a technique which I learned from the art teacher in Zeenya's school and we made it together over 12 years or so. I actually saved this paper all these years. I coloured the frog with yellow colour pencils, stuck googly eyes and layered it on another frog in a different shade of green to give it another layer and some shadow. The washi tape is from my stock and that is that.

To those who are aware of my initiative called United World Sanctuary, we had another great event on April 26th with 9 ladies and we had a very informative talk on essential oils and their benefits. It was much appreciated and I too learned much about the uses of essential oils. 

I have also started conducting meditation sessions for individuals and groups and am getting a good response. 

I will enter this card in

Happy crafting and happy, happy happy,