Sunday 29 July 2012

Thank you, Sandra!

Hello sweet bloggers,

I have finally presented myself with a laptop... yaaay!!! Yes, my very own.

Here are some cards I made with the beautiful dragon felt dragonflies that my dear friend, Sandra sent to me along with some other sweet stuff... thanks so much for all those goodies you sent me to cheer me up during that dark phase. 
I am going mad making cards with dragonflies... and have sold a few already.

Above is another dragonfly card (dragonfly sent by Sandra) and the caption says "Believe".
Sorry that the backgrounds are different in both the cards.

Hope you like the card... will upload some more on this new gizmo and show them to you.


Monica xxx

Saturday 28 July 2012

Birthday pictures

Hello lovely bloggers,

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend...

Below are pictures of my Birthday tea party - just a few sweet friends who live on the block along with their kids.

I am on the extreme right with the shortest possible hair... my Mum is in green

Zeenya is on the left and Aleeza is right below... it was a lovely tea party

Will start blogging soon - have to attach my camera to this computer to download pictures of my cards.

Happy weekend.

Lots of hugs and thanks for all your love,


Sunday 22 July 2012

My desk top is back!

Hello sweet bloggers,

Thanks for all the blog love and the TLC you all showered on me... I am much better and am trying to see the glass as half full.

I have good news for you - the desk top has been repaired and is operating on Mac now instead of Windows which I will soon get used to. Well, I better get used to that as I am missing blogging sooooo much, honestly.

This post is picture less as I am using Zeenya's lap top to type this post - thought that she would have some pics on her lap top of me which I could upload but she too seems to have some issues with her lappy! And that means no pictures... sorry!!!

Forgive me for such a colour less post - but trust me I will soon get there...

Was dying to connect with you all so here I am.

Will come and visit all of you soon.



Friday 6 July 2012


Hello sweet bloggers, I have beem missing in action for the longest time - thanks to a bumpy ride that life has been giving me - prayers and heaing welcome!!! Am trying to post pictures of the animal safari yhst I visited but dear blogger playing tricks again!!! ;-) Never mind!!! Card making has taken a rear seat and I must resurrect it asap after my dear hubby repairs my dear desk top! Just for an opinion,do you guys use your own lappy or do you have a desk top? I do think that I need to spoil mydelf and in get my very own computer!!! My mum is willing to donate her lappy - think I should graciously accept offer! ;-) Thanks for all the blog love, hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will be visible soon... Hugs and good wishes for health, wealth, craft and art, Monica Ps: bless me that I start blogging soon.