Monday 27 February 2017

Hello from the other side

Hello dear bloggers,

Wow, life sure has been busy at my end and that is what has kept me from blogging. I do make a card or two every now and then though. I think I need to get my computer sorted as my phone camera and computer are having issues. 

Now to this card, it is a quickie. Washi tape and die cut which was a pastry box in it's previous avatar. It was such a pretty shade of pink or fucshia that I did not have the heart to bin it. Sorry for the twig on the left side that seems to be jutting out from my bougainvillea plant. I thought I was being creative by using a plant as a back drop. Lol.

Cannot wait to come and see what you all have been up to.

Happy blogging,


Wednesday 8 February 2017

Hello there!

Hello sweet bloggers,

I am back after a long back and trust me, as always, I have missed blogging so. Yesterday was Aleeza's 9th birthday so here is the card I made for her in school while I was waiting there to give cupcakes to her class mates. The balloons have been made upcycled from packaging material and the diecuts have been mounted on foam dots. Ribbon and washi tape and there it was. I did intend to put a die cut 'happy birthday' sentiment but there seemed little space. It looks nice, I thought.

Happy blogging,