Sunday 20 December 2015

Lots to show here

Hello lovely peeps,

Some of you asked what my other half cooked for dinner the last time I did a post. Well, he made this veggie fried rice (vegetable biryani) with loads of onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and veggies. Along with this there was raita (spiced up yoghurt). Yes, it was pretty yummy.

Before I forget we are off to New Delhi for our annual vacation so I will see you next year. 

Here is a quick card made with ribbon and a store bought sentiment put up with 3 D foam dots. Sticking the 'oh so pretty' but thick ribbon on cardstock was quite an experience. After putting loads of weight on the card, it finally decided to stay on. Lol. 

Here is a picture of brown paper bags that Aleeza drew on totally free hand and coloured them as well. This was her labour of love for all for her fave teachers in school. She did not seem pleased with the tree but loved the penguin and the wreath. Sorry about the picture as it was a rainy day and that was the best I could manage. I know the tables could have been avoided.

The box below has been totally upcycled from a Body Shop container.  The rectangular piece of paper with the sentiment is actually the front of a Christmas brochure. I waited one year to use it in order to make it look new. Lol. The washi tape at the bottom was to camoflage the the commercial text at the bottom. What went in were my handmade cards. 

I will enter my card and upcycled box in the following challenges:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Tuesday 15 December 2015

Back after 10 days

Hello sweet peeps,

Today was one such day when I said to myself, "Enough is enough I NEED blogging." So here I am not cooking dinner but blogging. Hubby got home at a decent hour so asked him to take over the kitchen and he seems quite happy there. Ofcourse we don't know what he will turn out but from past records, he is a pretty good cook. So meself just needs to STAY CALM AND BLOG.

Here are pictures of my cards that I made at a 'Card Buffet' I attended at the scrap booking store in the city. We had a choice of the designer papers that we could use and I picked out the one that was covered in images. I cut out the images and stuck them on the card, using nesties, washi tape and a a die cut lamp that I found in one of the little boxes there. These are absolutely FLAT cards and Zeenya actually had words of appreciation for them. Lol.

I like the sentiment on the last one - it may not be good for consumerism and the economy yet for the environment it certainly is.

I will enter my cards in the following challenges: - Traditional or non-traditional colours

Happy crafting,


Sunday 6 December 2015

Pictures of my charity card sale on November 18th

Hello crafting soulmates,

Here are pictures of one my cards for the charity sale. The silvery paper was made my Aleeza. She spread glue on a recycled paper and sprinkled glitter on it and this was the result. I managed to make over 40 cards in a week.

This was my table which I decorated with black and red to follow the colour scheme of the venue which was a gymnasium on the 38th floor of a building

Down below is the sunset from the venue - pretty, isn't it?

I will enter my card in the following challenges:

Happy crafting,