Wednesday 24 March 2021

I am on a hiatus

 Dear sweet bloggers,

I know I haven't done a post in a while now, say a few months and the reason is, well, the reasons are many. One of them is that I have been blogging since 2010 and it seems a bit mundane. 

A little bit about how blogging helped me heal my pain when my Dad passed away after a long battle with cancer which lasted over 6 years. 

To be honest, he did not die because of cancer, it was the chemo that made him utterly and totally weak. When he left, it was a kind of a blessing, if you know what I mean. Seeing him turn into the state that he was - all bones and so weak, moody and totally dependant (on diapers and bedridden). He had to be fed every meal and I give my mum much credit for taking such good care of him so patiently. My brother and sister in law also did their bit during Dad's last year for which I am very grateful. 

I don't know why I am sharing all that I am. Sometimes, we just gotta surrender to the keyboard and cursor and allow it to lead us. That is exactly what I did just now.

Coming back to the gist of this post, I seem to be a little done with blogging. It doesn't mean that I am not grateful for all that I have learnt in blog land. The love, kindness and sharing that I have experienced here are one of a kind and I am indeed very lucky. 

Most of my regular followers seem to have left blogging and that also makes me miss them and I kind of feel lost here. I seem to be wanting to explore new pastures such as my guided meditation workshops which are doing well. The other new thing that is coming together is my plan to teach cardmaking to the ladies at the shelter that I support with the sale of my greeting cards. My health condition has taught me much about healing oneself with diet and nutrition which tempts me to do something related to that field.

I am on a hiatus till I make up my mind about continuing with blogging or starting something new to share my ideas.  

I do share my ideas, thoughts and creations on Facebook though. 

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Until then I wish you peace, health and abundance,