Sunday 23 March 2014

For Less is More again

Hello sweet peeps,

Here is my second entry for Less is More this week where the challenge is to use three of something. These super soft clay flowers are made by yours truly (I have pinched the clay from Aleeza and she was rather unhappy about the fact that I did not give it back to her). I really like them because the clay is light and flexible so it does not damage the envelope.  I have embossed and the top and bottom of the card to add more interest.

I hope your weekend is going well.


Saturday 22 March 2014

For Less is More

Hello dear bloggers,

The challenge at Less is More this week is to use three of a kind and I love these kind of cards, you know. So here is my recycled version made from a party hat that tore and nothing could be done with it except to throw it in the bin. As some of you may know, I happen to be the queen of recycling so I put on my thinking hat and this is what I came up with. All the stuff on the card is recycled except the rhinestones. The starry paper was on the base of the hat and all I did was to cut it along it's boundary and stick it on the card stock.

Wish you a super weekend,


Friday 21 March 2014

The earth laughs in flowers

Hello sweet bloggers,

Here is a card with a laser cut image and a rub on sentiment from the same pack that Lynn sent me. Doesn't it fit nicely with the image and isn't it simply lovely? I thought I would hoard it but my thinking brain pushed me into using it as I do know that rub-ons get damaged if they lie around for a long time.

We have another fortnight to go before Aleeza's plaster comes off and she will get a softer bandage with a splint. She has been at home but it has been quite easy which is a blessing in itself.

I will submit this card for the following challenges: - anything goes with a sentiment - use uplifting sentiment

Thank God it is Friday again :-)


Wednesday 19 March 2014

A card with a rub on image

Hello sweet peeps,

I had these rub ons that Lynn sent me two years ago and it was Aleeza who pushed me into using them and we did it together, laughing all through and having lots of fun. I put the image through my CB, little realizing it was the reverse side. The half scalloped nestie came from Shirley-Anne and I thought it gelled really nicely. All I did was add some ribbon and bling and my card was ready. Atlast I seem to be getting comfortable with CAS cards without feeling they are empty.

I will enter my card in the following challenges: - anything goes - make it pastels - anything goes

Wish you a happy Wednesday,


Tuesday 18 March 2014

Cute, cute chicks

Hello bloggers,

I bought this clear stamp in Hobby Craft, London last summer and loved it yet it took me all this while to get it going on a card. Isn't it a sweet, sweet stamp? I have added a large 3D heart sticker in the centre and random gold hearts to make it more interesting. The golden grass at the bottom is a reverse from another sticker. I try and recycle as much as possible, you see :-)

The same picture with the flash on - looks slightly different, doesn't it?

I will enter this card in:

Wish you a happy Tuesday,


Sunday 16 March 2014

Stencilling or Masking

Hello sweet bloggers,
Am realizing how much blogging helps to keep my sanity in good shape so here I am in a matter of twenty four hours with another card. This time it is for the challenge over at LIM which is masking or stencilling. I have used a new stencil (used only a part of it)  but cannot remember the name of the product as I took it out of the plastic bag it was in. I have used TH distressed ink (peacock feathers) and have dressed up the feathers with fabric pop up glitter glue and am wondering whether I really should have. I had to add rhine stones to the feathers because peacock feathers remind me of the colours of India which maybe too much for Less is More. No sentiment here as it could be a multi purpose card. 

Down is Aleeza who did stencilling with her left hand

I have realized if I let Aleeza make a card first, my creative life becomes easier ;-) so here is a card she made for her sister, Zeenya with a sticker that Sandra sent me. She is getting along quite well with the cast even though she is home. 

Have a wonderful weekend,


Saturday 15 March 2014

Love you this much but how much?

Hello sweet bloggers,

I am so happy to have been one of the winners for the challenge at CAS Colours and Sketches last week with my White on White vellum card. This card has been made with my new stamps - the sentiment is a clear stamp from Studio G while the background stamp is a wooden one from Recollections which I picked up last summer from Michael's.  I had to colour the background stamp in with my black Prisma to give it more intensity. The felt hearts were sent to me by Lynn two years ago - thank you, dear Lynn :-)
I am going to submit this card for the current challenge at CAS Colours and Sketches

Wish you a pleasant weekend.



Thursday 13 March 2014

Thank you for your kind wishes

Hello sweet peeps,

Many thanks for your get well soon wishes for Aleeza. She is in top spirits and full of energy so much so that we have to keep reminding her to go slow. The cast makes her arm itch like crazy which really frustrates her but am sure it will get better. I am also slowly getting used to this new routine of having Aleeza home and spending time with her. I am sure there is a silver lining in it all which time may or may not show me. 
Down below is a card I have made from a cake box - both the printed papers are from the same box. The flower is home made with a Sizzix die and I have stuck a purple crystal in the centre.

Will come and do my rounds soon, time permitting of course.

Lots of love and gratitude,

Monday 10 March 2014

After a long absence

Hello lovely peeps,

Life has been a bit of an adventure... Aleeza had a fall from the monkey bars in school and she fell on her arm and incurred two fractures on her right arm. The school called me to immediately and it took me like 40 minutes to reach instead of the regular twenty minutes on other days. Aleeza has such a fantastic teacher who stayed by her while the nurse wrapped a bandage around her heavily swollen arm. She told me later that he was so kind and even kissed her on her head and she was so touched and comforted. Funny how human touch is still the most healing inspite of all the technology we may invent. The head nurse happened to be around and she came along with me to the hospital which was another big blessing. The X-ray showed two fractures, one of them rather major but luckily no surgery was needed. It took us all of nine hours in the emergency and in the hospital to get the procedure done under general anesthesia. She is so positive and bright and says she has no pain just lots of itching. Amazing how quickly kids heal!!! 

My card above made with a bee sticker bought from the Japanese section of a book store. The ribbon is from a book store in Prague (three years ago) - it is a bit unstraight but that is the best I could do with it. I like my clouds made out of vellum and the embossed background.

Aleeza doing art  above with her left hand on an old tee shirt using her sister's Sharpies.

More art above - a blank puzzle that she is designing.

A fresh lotus bloom that I found in our jogging rack in huge pot with water. 

Happy Monday,


Sunday 2 March 2014

For CAS Colours and Sketches

Hello sweet bloggers,

Here is a quick card with vellum and crystal from Prima. The stars have been die cut from a clothing tag. I did feel it is a bit dull and could have added a sentiment. I will enter this card into CAS - Colours and Sketches.

Wish you a wonderful Sunday,