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Time flies and so do butterflies :P

Hello bloggers,

So it is going to be the 1st of March tomorrow... there flies another month!

Hope you are healthy and in good spirits... I went swimming after a long break and am happy with myself.

I made this card a few days ago but did not post it. I have been saving this lace for the last ten years!!! I got this from the haberdashery department in John Lewis and could never get down to using it because I loved it far too much. 

 I have stuck the lace on metallic silver card stock - somehow both the lace and card stock look much nicer in real life.  :( 

The butterflies were randomly stuck on the top as I could not think of anything else to fill up the empty space with.

As you can see, I am not letting go of my Fiskar's border weaving punch! Lol! Every second card I make seems to have ribbon weaving through it. Hope that is not too boring for you.

I don't have the time to look for challenges as I want to call it an early night. I am expecting a friend to visit me from Malaysia so I…
I am lucky to be receiving this award from Aud of

It is always a great feeling to receive these awards... Thank you, Aud, for making my day! 

Sorry for taking long to post this card - just been caught up with my life.

I have found such a nice bunch of crafters through blogging and believe me, it has enriched my life for the better... to say the least.

Here is what one is supposed to do:

Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award!

Step 2 - Share 7 random things about yourself 

( I will pass this one as there is enough waffle you hear from me every time I post a card - Lol!)

Step 3 – Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award
Well, to be honest I am going to skip step 2 as I have been rambling on quite a bit in my posts... and I am sure you all are a bit tired of that by now...

And I am going to pass this award to the following blogs which are rather new t…

Thank you cards for Aleeza's birthday

Hello bloggers,

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post...

Here are two simple thank you cards I made for Aleeza's play mates in nursery with paper lying around on my table.

I did not have the motivation to look for more paper lest I increase the mess on my slightly clean table... I got some inspiration from my dear friend, Sandra to clean my table so I went for it...

Now I know how Sandra makes breathtakingly beautiful cards with such detail and patience - because her uncluttered table helps her think clearly alongwith her brilliant creative instincts of course.

If you want to prove me right, just make a short trip to her wonderful blog and seeing is believing, right?

The first of the two cards is for a girl and the second is for a boy... they should have had a childlike appeal but it seems that I am trying to impress the mothers more than their kids.

I am going to enter them for the following challenges: - anything goes


Handmade crochet flowers and partly recycled

Hi bloggers,

So this is the third week of February already and soon daffodils will be smiling... :)

I have been wanting to make my handmade flowers for a long, long while but somehow could not get down to it... This time I thought I would try something different - so I made some crochet flowers with woolen yarn.

I remember trying my hand at crochet as a 10 year old girl and then years later I gave a go at crochet flowers which were not really brilliant...

I have to thank Helen of for inspiring me to these flowers again... You honestly have to check out her brilliant site - she creates the most amazing crafts.

They are not the best because I think wool is a bit much for summer cards.

 I could not find a thinner crochet needle so here I am with my woolen flowers which I do think are a bit bulky.

The three square blue backing papers behind the flowers are actually wall paper - a free sample from a home store in the UK. So I recycled yet again!!! Just a teeny-tiny…

Brown and blue at last...

This card was Aleeza's handiwork this evening. 
I was presented with this cute book mark by Aleeza and her classmates when I went to read them a book for Valentine's Day. It means a lot to me - so thoughtful of the teacher to do that... 

Simple card for a baby boy

Morning bloggers,

It is 10.30 am here in Jakarta as I post this card. The weather is a bit cloudy and it may soon be pouring... 

Hope you all are doing well - keeping warm and staying healthy. I do hope that March brings better weather - hopefully the daffodils will be out by then.

I made this card on creamy, vanilla cardstock. 

The scallop edged oval has been die cut using my Sizzix dyes. 

The embossed flowers are from Cuttlebug.

The embossed pram is from Sizzix - had it lying with me for 7 years and used it for the first time!

For the distressed effect I used Jim Holtz ranger inks - broken china.

I coloured in the pram with Do craft pastel chalks and rubbed glitter glue on top.

The shiny ground below the pram was made with left over glitter glue in the tube which was a waste really but I somehow managed to retrieve it. I cut the glitter glue tube in the centre and dragged out the remaining dried up glitter glue with a satay stick and stuck it on this card...

The sentiment is handwritten and t…

I cheated and I have the nerve to say that!!!

Hello bloggers,
Here's wishing you A Very Happy Valentine's Day! 
I have to confess that I did not make my DH a Valentine's Day card - instead I gave him a ready made card from a shop. 
Now that is blasphemy in the world of hand made cards, right? 
Specially when my blog is called "Handmade Cards With Love" - ironic, that!
 But, please, I have a genuine excuse for doing this - I bought this card when I was in Singapore because DH does not like those mushy, mushy cards. 
I thought this would cheer him up after his bout of ill health.

I hope I will be forgiven by my fellow bloggers for cheating...and also that you all will still love me the same and keep visiting me. 


Hi bloggers,

Hope winter is less extreme... soon it will be March and daffodils will arive... 

That reminds me of the poem , "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth... 

Does anyone recall it? 

I hope I have got the name of the poem and author right?

Here is my latest card for a man really... I cannot believe that I made it this easily!!!

Materials used:

Vanilla card stock

For the distressed effect on the sides I have used Jim Holtz  ranger distress inks - 
wild honey
                                     peeled paint
                                     rusty hinge

The squiggly design and happy birthday sentiment stamp are JUMBO stamps from Stampendous impressions.

I used a mixture ofwild honey and rusty hingeto stamp the squiggly design.

The happy birthday sentiment was done with a mixture of rusty hinge and walnut stain.

The random pieces of mosaic are from my stash.

I do like how this card turned out... hope you like it, too. 

On second thoughts which…

My yummy goodies from Singapore


Aleeza's birthday in school

I thought I must share some pictures of Aleeza's birthday in school. My older one had a holiday so she tried baking a chocolate cake which just refused to get baked!So in desperation we had to order a cake from the restaurant downstairs because we were really running late. It could not be fancy but the quality of chocolate that the pastry chef used was excellent. The kids loved the cake and so did the teacher and her aides.

Aleeza blowing her candle with help from Zeenya and me.We should have taken a better picture of the cake but can you believe that in all the mayhem we forgot... It was a real tasty choco cake called  Chocolate Devil.
Aleeza eating her snack.


Aleeza's Birthday card

Hi bloggers,

We just got back from Singapore last night after a whirlwind of activity...

Thanks to all of you for asking after my husband - he is faring much better and on the road to recovery.

I managed to find time to gets lots of crafting goodies for myself - yippeeeeeee!!! 
Singapore for us is like a haven because everything is just so easily available. 

Here, in Jakarta I have to struggle to get craft supplies but in Singapore it is the opposite. 

Still not like the States or the UK but good enough! 

And the food is pretty good, the air is clean, the public train and bus system is a breeze... It is truly the Switzerland of Asia! 

Saw how much I could waffle without even being asked a single question!

I have made this card for Aleeza's birthday today - she turns three and it seems like she was born yesterday!

Material used:

240 gsm cardstock in creamy yellow for the base.

Blue cardstock stamped with Hero Arts flower stamp with Jim Holtz distress ink - broken porcelein.  

Scalloped Martha S…

The first post for February

Hi bloggers,

Can you believe that it is the 1st of February today??? One month gone by so very quickly!

I made this card a while ago and you can see my famous handmade flowers on it... That reminds me that I must start making my flowers again. Remember how I used to make only flowers for the longest time... I guess that was a phase.

Now to this card - I have used a stamp called Tara Reed designs by Stamps Happen, INC  that Zeenya picked up from Hobby Craft in London... I had to pick it up - simply irresistable!

The green distressed effect has actually been stamped with a square stamp from Whispers (docraft). Have colourd the stamp with my Darwent water colour pencils. 

I love the sentiment of this card... The ribbon is from my stash and so is the metallic violet paper (Paper Chase tissue paper). 

Hope you like this card.