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For challenges and charity

Hello bloggers,

Am so relieved that dear Sandra is back to crafting - she has been going through a not so good phase physically. She has made a beautiful card for Halloween - do check it out on her blog and leave her lots of love. She is such a special lady - full of kindness and warmth just like so many of you out there. Okay - enough of senti stuff...

This card has been made with lots of punches and OFCOURSE my home made flowers.

Incidentally these roses are made from a Sizzix mini die cut.

Guess what I have used for the leaves  - the remains of the punch used at the bottom!!! How thrifty I am - seeeeeeee... LOL.

The tear drops above the diamonds are also from the same remains.

The shimmery vase has been cut from  my Cuttlebug die cuts. My daughter - Zeenya is not very impressed with this card - she says it is cheap! Meanie! She does not approve of the vase.

Now to business - am going to enter is card for the following challenges:


Christmas card again for charity

Hello bloggers,

This is my third post in the last one hour... gosh! Is blogging addictive - SURE is... And as I said I am in need of lot more Christmas cards to sell or donate. So I am crafting away... my excuse not to go to the gym or swim!

I have used my lovely new companion - Cuttlebug on this card. I ran the whole card through it. And some parts could not be embossed so I ran the card a second time and there was a blank space without any embossing.  So I covered it up with ribbon to hide the error!

The striped paper is from Terry's blog candly. The sentiment is a repeat - Jingle bells from Hero Arts and I have used distress ink on the paper.

I did like the subtle colours of this card more than the earlier version I posted at the week end.

I am going to enter this card for Challenge 26 at which says ribbon, gems and one paper embellishment. My faux gems on the bells are a trivial small but am entering anyway... And am going to also …

Blog candy in memory of Amanda Mary

Hello blogger friends,

This lovely blog candy is being offered by Charity Crafter and Marion in honour of Amanda Mary who passed away a few weeks ago...Leigh was kind enough to share her experiences with Amanda Mary who has brought smiles to many faces. She was a much admired and respected crafter to say the least.
Do pop over to Leigh's blog and read more about this great soul.



More Christmas cards for charity


 This card has been made on the same shimmery card stock as the one on top. The gold ribbon and red cherries are from my stash. I have to make a lot of cards and quickly too because I will be needing a lot of them.
Hope you like my simple creations.

Another Christmas card

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are healthy and happy...

I made this Christmas card with the Jingle bells stamp from Hero Arts. And I punched the bells from my Carla craft bell punch and then ran it through my newly acquired Cuttlebug (so excited with it that I haven't been able to keep my feet on the ground - as a result of which not much has been achieved with it yet and DH will not be very happy about that! Lol.)

Everything else is from my stash. The thick blue vertical line of glitter has been produced by spreading PVA craft glue and thick blue glitter over it which was actually from Zeenya's stash... 

I am going to submit this for Sara Hurley's challenge no. 14 which says Christmas but no red and white. And ofcourse I am going to link it Michelle's Monday Linky party which is a real fun thing with no pressure of competition... Do visit her blog and check it out.

Ultimately this card will go to charity like all my other cards.

Hope you like my creation.

Love and joyful crafting …

Sympathy card

Hello bloggers,

This is a card I made for Pauline of UK Aid who recently lost her mum. If you get the chance do visit this site and have a look at what they do for felsted children. I donated 20 cards to them through dear Leigh (Charity Crafter) and am making some more.

The card stock is pearlised and the quilled flowers and leaves have been made by yours truly. The ribbon and lace are from my stash. I shaded the area below the pot in pink to give a base to it.

I have to add that the card looks prettier in real life.

Hope you like it...

xxx Monica

Coffee beans on a card!

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are well and happily crafting away...

Here is a card I made this morning with almost everything natural... the leaves are from my flower press.

The cardstock is handmade paper and by now you may have guessed what the round stuff is - coffee beans! My younger daughter bit into one of them and it smelled awfully good. I thought she would freak out but she ACTUALLY liked the flavour... Lol!

The green background paper is what Zeenya and her classmates painted in Grade 1 when they were experimenting with the Eric Carle style of painting. The teacher gave it to me before trashing it as she knew how crazy I am about such things. Lol! No wonder my art and craft space resembles a junk yard... I collect 'most anything and believe you me - it always comes in handy. And then as they say - "Creative minds are rarely tidy".
That is my excuse for keeping a messy table at all times!!!

By the way, sorry for the poor picture quality.



Baby girl card

Hello bloggers,

Thank you all for your motivating words... they did work wonders on my spirits! Zeenya was teasing me about the fact that I was looking for sympathy from all you lovely ladies out there! Not true I promise...

I was trying to make a birthday card for a two year old girl and ultimately this is what it looked like - a baby girl card. Can you believe that?!!! Now I will either sell it for charity or donate it.
And make another card which will hopefully befit a two year old.

The teddy stamp is from Inkadinkado while all the lace and ribbons are from my stash. The happy birthday sentiment has been cut from a ribbon. I seem to have gone overboard with the use of ribbons here - they make the poor teddy look bland, don't they? But if you zoom in on the picture, teddy actually looks glam because I have added a bit of glitter to her.

Wishing you a nice day or evening where ever you are...



Basically natural X'mas card -- by Zeenya

Hi Bloggers,

It's me again! Once again, I got motivated to make another card, cuz of your awesome comments. I decided I was making way too many cards that were blue, so I made this Xmas card with green and red.  So usual!! 

All the papers including the card stock are handmade from India. The red paper is recycled from a wedding card (I think!! I get so confused with the amount of stuff my Mum has!!)

The stocking stamp is from 'Inkadinkado'. Then I cut the stocking out and stuck it with double sided foam tape. The beads are from MY stash (for once!!) LOL.


Zeenya xxx

A card at last!

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are fine where ever you are...

My blog has been taken over by Zeenya as you can see - help!!!

Thanks for the loving encouragement you have been giving Zeenya. She is not stopping... and I am not starting!!! Lol!

I made this card with my newly acquired Design block called Holy Flourish from Hero stamp. It is huge!!!

The holly leaves have been punched from my Carla craft punch and the Merry Christmas sentiment is from Penny Black. The ribbon is from my stash.

I seem to be starved for card making ideas of late... I feel that my cards are not as good as the ones that you talented ladies make.

Anyway, I better not bore you with my waffling.

Hope you like this card.



Zeenya strikes again!!


Hello Everybody!
Hope your weekend is going well.... My weekend is almost over as it is Sunday, 8:20 pm and counting... But lucky me! I don't have to sleep early for the next seven days - we have autumn break!! *YAY*
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my previous card. It encouraged me to make another one of my bluey cards! (BLUE ROCKS!!!)

I made this card, without any of my mum's help yet again… I’m so proud of myself!! LOL

The big blue and black polka dots are a stamp from 'Hero Arts' My mum went out and came back with a bag full of stamps today! I was thrilled! :D I went over them with glitter. And the outline with a metalic Sakura pen.

The ribbon is also new – it came in that lovely bag… The wool is from her wool drawer.

I would love to read how you like this card.

Love and hugs,


Card by my older daughter - Zeenya

Hiya Everybody!

It's me - Zeenya, Monica's older daughter. Hope all of you are well. I have made a card after a very looong time 'cause I am so busy with homework etc... I thought I would post this card - my mum gets all the comments and why not me for a change??? LOL!

I made it from A to Z without ANY help from my mum what so ever!! I was pretty pleased with the result (don't mean to sound too show-offy though!)

I used polka dotted paper for the background which my mum got from the local bookstore.

The dark blue paper has been embossed with our new Cuttlebug machine.

The ribbon and yarn are from my mum's stash. The beads are from long back when I was around 3 and I had braided my hair in Krabi, Thailand.

The sentiment is from 'Whisper Words - Docrafts.

If you have the time, I would love to read your comments.


Mum's birthday card

Hello bloggers,

Today was a real hot and sunny day... And it was my mum's 69th birthday. I made this card at 12 midnight as that was the only time I could manage...Am not too pleased with it and the sentiment hardly shows... pity!

The lace on this card has a 90 year old history, yes, 90 year old history!!! Can you believe that? My great grandpa bought it from Europe in the 1920s. I am lucky that it was passed on to me. It cannot be seen well as the sentiment has covered it all.

The paper is from Terry's blog candy and the roses are home made.



Card with Terry's blog candy and home made flowers

Hello bloggers,

Today it poured buckets again and the clouds were as thunderous as could be and my two and a half year old kept saying,"Mummy, I scared, I scared!" Some parts of the city were flooded yet again.

I have made this card with paper from Terry's (  fabulous blog candy. Added my homemade flowers and  dried leaves from my flower press. The card stock is handmade from India. Thank you again, Terry!

The sentiment is handwritten... not impressed with my handwriting - rather shaky here. Generally it is not too bad. 

I got inspired by  Lynn ( to do a thank you card after reading her lovely post with her butterfly card. Thanks, Lynn.

Hope you like this card.

Thanks for visiting... If you wish to leave a comment I would love it.

Have a nice day where ever you are...



Some more for charity - still going with pink!!!


New batch of charity cards - pretty in pink!


Terry's anniversary blog candy


99 percent natural!

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are having a good time crafting where ever you are...

Here is another card I made over the last two days... I kept sticking leaves and flowers and all sorts of natural stuff to it till I felt it was complete.

The dried leaves and flowers are from my flower press - the big green leaves that you see are curry leaves that are used as a spice in the south of India.

I have used handmade stock and the creamy paper on the background is handmade as well. Just stuck some natural stones (dyed red) to bring some colour to the earthy appearance.

The kitty stamp is from Inkadinkado - I did distress the paper but it somehow does not show in the picture.

Hope you like it.



Award from dear Sandra

Hi bloggers,

This afternoon was full of rain and thunder.... love you, Indonesia!

One of the best things that has happened to me in the last few days is this award from lovely Sandra. Thank you, Sandra, for all your encouragement, love and support.

I would like to pass this award to another 15 wonderful ladies. Here goes:

Terry -

Leigh -

Loraine -

Jenny -

Michelle -

Amanda -

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Marie -

Dawn -

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Jumbo home made flowers for Christmas