Thursday 16 December 2010

For Zeenya's former teacher

 Hello again,

This was a quick make for Zeenya's former teacher which I heat embossed (and not Zeenya!) - the picture quality is not good as it was taken from my phone. But the card looked quite nice on a shimmery baby blue background. The stamps are from Inkadinkado. The broad ribbon is what I bought from a small ribbon and lace store close by.

This was another last minute card to sell and it did! It is nice to make non-traditional cards.
The block stamp is from Hero Arts while I have used a punch at the bottom. The sequins are from my stash - love using them as they add so much sparkle. I have to add that they are a bit fussy to stick though.

I am going to submit this for - quick and easy

I promise I will not bore you with any more Christmas cards but incase I do... please bear with me.



Wednesday 15 December 2010

My last minute orders!

Hello bloggers,

I know you all are fed up of seeing Christmas cards... this was one of my last minute Christmas cards which I think is a rather common place one. But the lady who ordered these cards did like it.

The candles are from Sizzix mini dies which I think looks rather cartoonish!!! Sorry for using the saaaaame sentiment yet again... I do like the script so bear with me. The dull gold paper looks much nicer in real life - it has this netty feel to it which makes it rather elegant. Everything else is from my stash.

I have been really slow in my postings this month... hopefully next month will be better.



Monday 13 December 2010

A beary happy Christmas!

Hello bloggers,

To overcome my withdrawl symptoms I thought I must post another card. This card was to be sold but I gifted it to Aleeza's teacher's daughter alongwith her Christmas gift. Her daughter is four years old so she should have liked the card.

Zeenya heat embossed this image from ummmm... sorry, I cannot remember - Inkadinkadoh or ? I stuck it on this textured gift wrap and the card stock is actually shimmery matt gold but it sadly doesn't show in the picture.

I seem to have some more Merry Christmas sentiments but just love this one and keep using it over and over again... sorry if you have seen it so many times earlier.

I have almost finished my order of 15 cards so then I should have more time to blog (or so I think!)

This card is going to go to Michelle's Monday Linky party.

Also I am going to enter this card for the following challenges: - sparkle and shine - a beary project



Card from a price tag!!!

Hello bloggers,

I have been MIA as my motherly responsibilities have increased multi-fold but I am not complaining... It is just that I miss my blogging time and everything connected with it.

I have made this card with a price tag (from one of my fave stores that sells the finest cotton in New Delhi). The next picture show the actual tag.

I dressed up the tag with Indian ribbons and glitter. Finished it by pasting it on to shimmery brown card stock. Sorry for the poor picture quality!

This card looks much nicer in real life... did not have the heart to sell it, though.



Wednesday 8 December 2010

For challenges and then for charity

Hi bloggers,

I am a bit behind with visiting as well as posting... Life has got a bit hectic ever since Aleeza's nanny left some weeks ago but I guess there are always pros and cons to every situation. And in this case, it is just as well that she has gone because Aleeza is going to turn 3 in February and she needs to learn to be independant. 

For me it is good to bond with her without the nanny's slightly over bearing personality. The flip side is that it has made me flipping busy. I don't seem to get enough time to make cards, blog or just kick off my shoes and have some fun and that makes me a bit sad.

Never mind, I must try and be a good mother - they grow up so fast as everyone says... I should be grateful for such luxuries that Indonesia provides.

Okay, enough waffling there - it is 11.33 pm as I write this post. I have used this stamp from Inkadinkado while the metallic tissue paper is from Paperchase. The gems are from Paper Mania (I think) while the ribbon is from my stash.

Am going to enter this card for the following challenges: - ribbons and bows - Christmas - deck the halls - Christmas



Tuesday 7 December 2010

A special card

Hello bloggers,

It is the 7th and I have not posted a  single card so far... just so occupied with the kids!

This card is ideal for me right now... wish I could do that but I hardly get time to wear heels!  I think the caption for me should be "just kick off your shoes and have fun".

This card has a history to it - I will try not to bore you with the details but Zeenya stamped this shoe from my new Hero Arts clear stamp alongwith the sentiment. She did a good job with distressing the sides as you can see in the remaining bits where she stamped the sentiment.

Tip: She decided to distress with Marvy brush markers instead of actual distress ink and it worked quite well.

While she was decorating the shoe with glitter it got a bit messy and I - Miss Smarty Pants tried to help her and made it worse... She was heart broken and so was I. 

However, I was determined to make this card happen beautifully so I cut out the shoe and hand tore the sentiment and coloured in the shoe with Zeenya's Sakura nail pens and see what I did. I also added in some Sakura glitter pens. I do like it now.

The quilled flower on the shoe has been made by me and the rest of the stuff is from my stash.

Am going to enter this card for Michelle's Monday Linky party and for following challenges:  - old stash new stash (the Hero shoe stamp is new for me) - my fave things (I love this shoe stamp and the polka dotted ribbon) - for someone special - red, pink and white



Award from dear Helen

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are feeling well and keeping healthy...

I am delighted to accept this award from dear Helen. First of all I apologise for taking so long to post it...

Do visit Helen's blog and see the superb stuff she makes - ranging from quilling to Origami to stamping - it goes on. She is extremely gifted and talented with oodles of patience.

I have to do the following in order to accept this award:

 Thanks and link back to the person who awarded me this award.

 Share 8 things about myself.

Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.

 Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

Here are the 8 things I would like to share about myself:

1. If I had another chance to study, it would be in connection with something creative.

2. I love interior decoration.

3. I can spend hours on my craft table...

4. My life begins and ends with card making - surprise, surprise!

5. I cannot sit still even for a few minutes in front of the television but surely can in front of the computer - blogging away for hours!

6. I have learned a lot from my blogging buddies.

7. I used to sew, embroider and indulge in a lot more crafts before settling in with card making.

8. I need to learn to keep a tidy work station - hopefully I am on my way as many of you have parted with real good tips...

I would like to pass this award to everyone (like Lynn did) - so do pick it up and paste it on your blog because I believe that all of you are stylish blogger out there.

However, I would like to share this award with 8 bloggers who have touched my life in special ways more than one:

Sandra -

Charity Crafter -

Terry -

Shirley-Anne -

Lynn -

Andrea -

Colleen -

Michelle -

Do visit their blogs and see their stylish creations and leave them some love...



Tuesday 30 November 2010

Zeenya's card for her Dad's birthday

Hello bloggers,

I believe it is snowing in the UK - please do stay warm and cozy where ever you are...

Zeenya made this card in minutes with peel offs and some handcut clouds and green. It is for her Dad's birthday tomorrow. He loves golf so she thought it would be ideal to make a golf birthday card.

And of course your's truly did not make a card for the simple reason that I am a bit saturated with making cards after selling over 100 cards and collecting USD 250/. All I am trying to do is tidy up and when I try saving those small scraps of paper it gives me a headache... I am trying to save them in seperate folders but cannot get there. Any tips on organising my craft space are more than welcome.



Saturday 27 November 2010

Christmas card

Hello bloggers,

It was real fun to watch my little one on stage this afternoon dressed up as a flower (not a bee as I mentioned earlier)! She was supposed to do a bit of swaying but she just stood there like a rock - never mind atleast she went on stage.

I am trying to make unisex cards as I always land up making very feminine cards. So this was my take on making a card for a man...

I got inspiration to buy this ribbon from one of Lynn's Christmas cards. Do visit her blog and look at the stylish cards she creates.

This is a simple card but as I said I always need numbers to sell...

The top green bit is an additional flap on top and then are another two layers which are not visible in the picture.

I am going to enter this card in the following challenges: - winter, Christmas theme



Christmas card for next batch of charity cards...

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are fine and enjoying the onset of the winter season... In Indonesia, we have plenty of rain, rain and more rain coming everyday.

Today my little one, Aleeza is going to be performing in her school concert - Lion King and all her classmates in Nursery 1 are going to be bees!!! We are excitedly waiting to watch them on stage...

Here is a card I made for my next batch of charity cards for sale...

It is a shimmery blue-grey cardstock with punched reindeer, holly leaves and ribbon from my stash. Rather simple but I do like it.

Am going to submit it for the following challenges:

Happy crafting with love,


Thursday 25 November 2010

Free subscription to Scraps of Colour Scrapbook Magazine

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Here's a little something for you!

Get your FREE subscription to Scraps of Color Scrapbook Magazine today! All you need to do is visit their site at and sign up! That's it, no strings attached! They have a SUPER Creative Team ready to thrill and delight you throughout 2011! First, issue arrives February 2011!

How cool is that! I'm already signed up!

Stay tuned for their page call announcement and a wonderful December filled with ideas and inspiration by the fabulous SOC Girls and a super BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY! Don't miss a minute of the scrappy inspiration!

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Challenge then charity

Hi bloggers,

I made this card and a dozen more for a lady who stays in our complex who was kind enough to want to buy them...

It is a bit like the last card I posted... but I really like the colours here. 

As you can see my Cuttlebug is really coming in handy. The wine coloured circles have been die cut from handmade card stock. Pity  that this card looks much better in real life. 

Am going to enter this for the following challenges: - circles - circles -holiday - Christmas card



Sunday 21 November 2010

For challenges then for charity

Hello bloggers,

Thank you so much for your warm birthday wishes on Zeenya's birthday... what a lovely world blogland is!

I just happened to stumble upon and got inspired to take part in their latest challenge with this card.

Somehow this card looks much nicer in real life because I have used shimmery paper and the camera doesn't do enough justice to it. The circular shapes have been cut from my Cuttlebug die cuts on handmade paper and the snowflakes, holly leaves and reindeer are all from Carla craft punches. The sentiment is hand written because there wasn't enough space on the card to stamp it.

I am also going to enter this in the following challenges: - anything goes - bling and any colours you like - glitter, rhinestone, sparkle



Friday 19 November 2010

Zeenya's birthday card

Hello bloggers,

Today is Zeenya's 11th birthday and silly me - did not think of making a card earlier... made this before midnight in a bit of a rush. She is not into pinks anymore so I had to think hard.

I could have stuck to blues but this teddy bear had browns in it and she does like browns.

This is a Penny Black stamp ( I think) which I coloured in with my water colour pencils. I coloured the mustardish paper with my wild honey distress ink and hand tore the paper.
The printed paper is from Terry's blog candy... oooh! I just love the papers I won in my blog candy.

By the way way, Zeenya is NOT into teddy bears anymore but I am... lol!
She did like the card when I gave it to her in the morning - thank God for that!



Thursday 18 November 2010

Partly recylced

Hello dear bloggers,

Thanks so much for your motivating and kind comments... It makes me feel that there is so much love out there just waiting to be shared... I am so glad to be part of such a beautiful world.

These two cards are partly recycled because the  embossed metallic circle in the first card is actually a lid from some food packaging which was lying around in the kitchen - waiting me for me to do something with it! I remember Leigh - mentioned embossing on yoghurt lid covers in one of her posts and it stayed in my mind. She is an amazing crafter, honestly! She has so many tips to offer...And plenty of love too! So thanks so much, Leigh, your idea came in so handy.

In the second card I have used a Ferraro Rocher chocolate wrapper for the round shape. I stuck the wrapper over another round piece so that it would have enough thickness to stand the pressure of embossing.  

The wine glasses are punched out from my new Hobby Craft punches that I got this summer. I waited for almost six months to use it... and it is such a nice punch, don't you think? 

I used shimmery card stock to make it look befitting for the occasion. The rest of the stuff is from my stash.

I am going to enter this for - Monique's lovely blog which holds a weekend linky party every weekend (the theme being recycled) 

and also for the following challenges: - embossing - forget me not



Saturday 13 November 2010

Sympathy card

Hello, dear bloggers,

Hope you are having a good weekend...

I made this card for Zeenya's delightful Art teacher who lost her mum recently. Ms Carter is an amazing art teacher... and you know what she tells the children? That she has ART in her name - now, that is so very true!

The roses are ofcourse handmade and as you can see my Cuttlebug is coming in handy. I have used a Carla craft jumbo punch at the bottom.

I am going to enter this for the following challenges: - going around in circles anything goes - anything goes - anything goes



Yet another award from Sandra!

Hiya bloggers,

I am delighted  to receive my third award from Sandra... she always makes me smile. Am on top of the world... thank you Sandra from the bottom of  my heart for ALWAYS encouraging me.

I am supposed to pass it on to 5 people... here they are:

Lynn  for always leaving me motivated and charged up!

Shirley-Anne  I admire her deeply for her values - so full of positivity.

Charitycrafter  She is an amazing lady - spreading cheer every where.

Michelle  Another charming crafter with a heart of gold!

Marie  I love her wit and humour.

 Do visit their blogs and see their lovely creations.



Wednesday 10 November 2010

Another charity sale at Zeenya's school

Hello bloggers,

Thanks to all the love and encouragement from you ladies, I managed to sell 51 of my 68 cards at Zeenya's school. That makes a total of 91 cards that I sold in both the schools.

Yippee! I was thrilled to bits... Of course a lot of credit goes to the children and their mums who bought my cards.

The card above is actually recyled from an Indian wedding card... All I did was to cut borders out of the old card and stick some sequins and punch out a round shape from the new love of my life - my Cuttlebug!
Stuck everything on gold card stock to make it look even more rich.

Below are some pics of the cards for the sale.

 This was a quick make with 3D stickers and pop up punches that I got from Hobby craft in London.
 Oh my lovely Cuttlebug - the ladies who bought these cards simply loved the embossed effect. They thought that I had bought ready made embossed paper.
 These reindeer were left over from another card and this is what I did with them.

Zeenya distressed and stamped this teddy bear... happily taken by a small girl in school.
 This was a card for little boys.
 Card for men.
 Famous paisley card done by mum - Zeenya distressed the image. The very first card to be sold!
 Peace signs by Zeenya... she did not think it was worth selling but it sold!
Puppy card.

Everytime I have a charity sale and it does well, I am on cloud nine...

I am linking the very first card on this post to Monique's blog -

Thanks again for your motivating and kind comments.



Tuesday 9 November 2010

Recycled card from Ferrero rocher wrapper and wall paper sample

Hello bloggers,

I would like to share this card that I made for my charity card sale.

The Christmas tree has been die cut from a Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrapper on my Sizzix  and the bottom bit with the orange and gold squiggly design is an old sample of wall paper.

The distressed effect was done by Zeenya with rusty hinge distress ink and I stamped a Hero Art design block on it. The gold cord and the ribbon are from my stash.

I know it is just an ordinary Christmas card but it is recycled and that makes me happy... atleast I am trying to save the earth in my own little way.

It sold off at the sale today at Zeenya's school. I will do a new post of the sale soon. Been a hectic day for me. My mum left today so it is a bit quiet at home. Thank God for my new companion - my blog. It makes me smile and gives me so much joy. I have met such wonderful people here - all so warm and encouraging. And I have learned so much too.

I am going to submit this card for Michelle's Monday Linky party.



Sunday 7 November 2010

For charity card sale last week

Hello bloggers,

I have had a busy and happy week as I had a card sale in my younger daughter's school ... The first set of cards was made by my Mum - she and her famous paisleys. But I marvel how she draws free hand. She made some tea light cards also.

The rest of the cards were made by me...

Managed to make 66 cards and am proud to say that 40 sold off! Am so chuffed.

Have another sale in my older daughter's school on Tuesday. We are trying to help the volcano tragedy victims with the sale proceeds. I know I don't make much money out my cards but it keeps me happy and it is my small way of paying back.

Have a nice day or evening where ever you are...



Tuesday 2 November 2010

Chirstmas card for challenges and then to a good cause

Hello bloggers,

Hope all is well in your creative world...

Here is a simple card I made at the weekend with my new Inkadinkado clear stamp. It is rather childish compared to the gems that you lovely ladies produce out there. But I have an excuse - since I make cards to donate I need volumes, hence cannot spend too much time on one card. Sounds convincing, doesn't it? So that is my answer for not working so hard on my cards. Lol!

The gemstones that I have used are actually tiny "bindis" - the stuff that Indian ladies wear on their forehead.

I have got permission from my younger one's school to host a charity card sale on this coming Thursday and Friday - so am working away. Happily for sure!!!

Am entering this card in the following challenges as well: - anything goes - blue - clean and simple - not a challenge but a no - pressure inspirational weekly linky party.



Monday 1 November 2010

Halloween pics of my two-and-a-half-year-old Aleeza

For Halloween - uncovered


My little one Aleeza wore her wings just after her shower and I thought I had to capture the moment.

She dressed up as a butterfly for the fancy dress in school.


Charity cards for Caring Hearts Drive at Ling's happy place

Hi bloggers,

Hope you had a good Halloween weekend... My kids had lots of fun - maybe I will post their pics when I get a chance.

Here are the cards that I am going to send to Vera at for Caring Hearts Card Drive. The deadline is November, 15th so hopefully they will reach before that... Thank you, Vera, for starting this wonderful drive!

These cards did not take very long to make which is just as well because I have a lot more to make.

The picture could have been better - anyway, I hope you like my cards. I love that poinsettia punch so much.



Friday 29 October 2010

For challenges and charity

Hello bloggers,

Am so relieved that dear Sandra is back to crafting - she has been going through a not so good phase physically. She has made a beautiful card for Halloween - do check it out on her blog and leave her lots of love. She is such a special lady - full of kindness and warmth just like so many of you out there. Okay - enough of senti stuff...

This card has been made with lots of punches and OFCOURSE my home made flowers.

Incidentally these roses are made from a Sizzix mini die cut.

Guess what I have used for the leaves  - the remains of the punch used at the bottom!!! How thrifty I am - seeeeeeee... LOL.

The tear drops above the diamonds are also from the same remains.

The shimmery vase has been cut from  my Cuttlebug die cuts. My daughter - Zeenya is not very impressed with this card - she says it is cheap! Meanie! She does not approve of the vase.

Now to business - am going to enter is card for the following challenges:

It took me over half an hour to write this post with the names of the challenges - duh!

As you can see I am taking this business of challenges quite seriously - again I have got the inspiration from you bloggers... thank you all so much.

Anyway the bottom line is that it is another card for charity never mind challenge or not.

Hope you like my card.



Thursday 28 October 2010

Christmas card again for charity

Hello bloggers,

This is my third post in the last one hour... gosh! Is blogging addictive - SURE is... And as I said I am in need of lot more Christmas cards to sell or donate. So I am crafting away... my excuse not to go to the gym or swim!

I have used my lovely new companion - Cuttlebug on this card. I ran the whole card through it. And some parts could not be embossed so I ran the card a second time and there was a blank space without any embossing.  So I covered it up with ribbon to hide the error!

The striped paper is from Terry's blog candly. The sentiment is a repeat - Jingle bells from Hero Arts and I have used distress ink on the paper.

I did like the subtle colours of this card more than the earlier version I posted at the week end.

I am going to enter this card for Challenge 26 at which says ribbon, gems and one paper embellishment. My faux gems on the bells are a trivial small but am entering anyway... And am going to also enter this for

Hope you like this card...


Blog candy in memory of Amanda Mary

Hello blogger friends,

This lovely blog candy is being offered by Charity Crafter and Marion in honour of Amanda Mary who passed away a few weeks ago...Leigh was kind enough to share her experiences with Amanda Mary who has brought smiles to many faces. She was a much admired and respected crafter to say the least.
Do pop over to Leigh's blog and read more about this great soul.



More Christmas cards for charity

Hello dear bloggers,

I hope all is well in your world... Indonesia is having some adventurous weather conditions but with the grace of God we are fine in Jakarta.

These are some of the Christmas cards I made today. I will either donate them or sell them for a good cause.

The heart on the first one has been die cut from my Sizzix mini from guess what??? A Ferraro Rocher wrapper!!!

The distressed effect was achieved by yours truly while experimenting with my newly acquired distress inks - it was great fun! 

I have used a Hero stamp on the paper for the swirls. The orange circle at the back has been made from my Hobbycraft punch. 

The gold ribbon and metallic mini hearts are from my stash. The bow look okay in real life but for some reason looks distorted in the picture and I just could not manage a good picture with this shimmery paper.

This is the inside of the card - a red insert punched with my Carla craft mini heart punch.

This card has been made on the same shimmery card stock as the one on top. The gold ribbon and red cherries are from my stash. I have to make a lot of cards and quickly too because I will be needing a lot of them.

Hope you like my simple creations.



Monday 25 October 2010

Another Christmas card

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are healthy and happy...

I made this Christmas card with the Jingle bells stamp from Hero Arts. And I punched the bells from my Carla craft bell punch and then ran it through my newly acquired Cuttlebug (so excited with it that I haven't been able to keep my feet on the ground - as a result of which not much has been achieved with it yet and DH will not be very happy about that! Lol.)

Everything else is from my stash. The thick blue vertical line of glitter has been produced by spreading PVA craft glue and thick blue glitter over it which was actually from Zeenya's stash... 

I am going to submit this for Sara Hurley's challenge no. 14 which says Christmas but no red and white. And ofcourse I am going to link it Michelle's Monday Linky party which is a real fun thing with no pressure of competition... Do visit her blog and check it out.

Ultimately this card will go to charity like all my other cards.

Hope you like my creation.

Love and joyful crafting where ever you are,


Saturday 23 October 2010

Sympathy card

Hello bloggers,

This is a card I made for Pauline of UK Aid who recently lost her mum. If you get the chance do visit this site and have a look at what they do for felsted children. I donated 20 cards to them through dear Leigh (Charity Crafter) and am making some more.

The card stock is pearlised and the quilled flowers and leaves have been made by yours truly. The ribbon and lace are from my stash. I shaded the area below the pot in pink to give a base to it.

I have to add that the card looks prettier in real life.

Hope you like it...

xxx Monica

Friday 22 October 2010

Coffee beans on a card!

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are well and happily crafting away...

Here is a card I made this morning with almost everything natural... the leaves are from my flower press.

The cardstock is handmade paper and by now you may have guessed what the round stuff is - coffee beans! My younger daughter bit into one of them and it smelled awfully good. I thought she would freak out but she ACTUALLY liked the flavour... Lol!

The green background paper is what Zeenya and her classmates painted in Grade 1 when they were experimenting with the Eric Carle style of painting. The teacher gave it to me before trashing it as she knew how crazy I am about such things. Lol! No wonder my art and craft space resembles a junk yard... I collect 'most anything and believe you me - it always comes in handy. And then as they say - "Creative minds are rarely tidy".
That is my excuse for keeping a messy table at all times!!!

By the way, sorry for the poor picture quality.



Baby girl card

Hello bloggers,

Thank you all for your motivating words... they did work wonders on my spirits! Zeenya was teasing me about the fact that I was looking for sympathy from all you lovely ladies out there! Not true I promise...

I was trying to make a birthday card for a two year old girl and ultimately this is what it looked like - a baby girl card. Can you believe that?!!! Now I will either sell it for charity or donate it.
And make another card which will hopefully befit a two year old.

The teddy stamp is from Inkadinkado while all the lace and ribbons are from my stash. The happy birthday sentiment has been cut from a ribbon. I seem to have gone overboard with the use of ribbons here - they make the poor teddy look bland, don't they? But if you zoom in on the picture, teddy actually looks glam because I have added a bit of glitter to her.

Wishing you a nice day or evening where ever you are...