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My first brass stencil embossing with Cuttlebug


Just been making flowers...


Hello dear bloggers,

Hope you are having a nice Friday... TGIF!!!

I have decided that no matter what I must give time for my art and craft - it is tonic for my soul, you know! Lol...

Here are some flowers I have made with my Sizzix die cut flowers and Carla craft punches (have used various sizes of punches to create centres and add depth).

I have taken different kinds of recycled paper in varied colours of the same family  metallic paper, construction paper and even just copier paper and look what I created... Ofcourse, I distressed the paper and sprayed it with water before crumpling the flowers.

I promise I will try and post a tutorial soon... I have been saying that for a year now. Better get down to it or I will fall in my own eyes!!! Lol.

I will come and visit soon and thanks again for all the inspiration you lovely, lovely ladies provide me.
And before I sign off I have to thank Kamya - an art and craft teacher in Mumbai who taught me quilling as well as YouTube tutorials…

Less is More - buttons and laces


Hello bloggers,

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last card...

I have used pearlised baby blue cardstock for this card and have embossed it with my new embossing folder.
The cute baby pram  (kind courtesy Lynn) was heat embossed in sliver and coloured in with metallic gel crayons by Zeenya.
Thank you, Lynn for these delightful baby stamps that you sent me.
Doesn't the stamp look perfect with the folder?
The star shaped buttons were sent by dearLeigh (Charity Crafter) - thank you, wonderful ladies for adding so much colour into my card making. Aleeza loves these buttons and was a bid sad that they were going away because Leigh actually sent them for her!!! And I decided they were mine...
The sentiment is a ribbon which says,"It's a boy" which I had picked up a few years ago from a dollar store in Sydney. Sorry that it does not show so well.

I am going to submit this card for Less is More - the theme for which is buttons and ribbons

Hugs and hope to come …

Thank You Cards



General card

Hello my dear bloggers,

Here is a card I have made with paper from Terry's blog candy that I won last year.

The flowers have been made by me... and the sentiment as well.
I have added tiny shimmery flowers from my stash to give it a jazzy look.

Aleeza's first day was good, I think... did not get a chance to speak to the teacher because there were too many mums there wanting to know how their kids fared on the first day of school.

Hope you like my card... It looks much nicer in person, you know.

My life is a little better after Aleeza going back to school but Zeenya is still home because she goes to a different school. She is a big help, though and I do think I will miss her when she goes to middle school. But that means I will have more ME time. Yaaaay! My husband's 19 year old niece has been here since May, so we don't have many dull moments!!! I cannot wait for normal routine, though... Lol!

Hugs and have a nice tuesday,


Congratulatory card


Thank You Card


Hello bloggers,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are...It is 9:45 pm here as I write this post.

 I made this card for Zeenya's teacher to thank her for the kindness she had shown in our time of need.

It was rather simple but the embossing (Cuttlebug) looked great on shimmery white paper and I finished it off with ribbon and the three pahua shells from New Zealand (which I have been hoarding for almost 8 years and over!!)

I better leave as I am writing this post from Zeenya's laptop and she wants to chat with her friends...

So bye for now and have a pleasant weekend.


Two wedding cards...

Hello bloggers,
I am trying to enjoy the summer holidays with my girls though from time to time, my patience is tried majorly by little Aleeza (my second one).
I am back pretty soon this time with two wedding cards... for my hubby's secretary who is getting married this Saturday. I gave Aleeza some paints to keep her busy while I made these simple cards.
For the first card I used light grey card stock and have stuck metallic silver handpaper on it.
The Docraft cake stamp has been stamped and heat embossed in silver by Zeenya on metallic creamy white paper and I have decorated the border with my Martha Stewart punch.
The silver ribbon and gems are from my stash while the baby blue ribbon is from Lynn - thank you so much, Lynn!I am impatiently waiting to find more time to start my next batch of charity cards with all that lovely stuff you have sent me...
The sentiment has been embossed with my dear Cuttlebug while the flowers have been punched with Carla craft flower punch.
For the s…

Pictures of our vacation in France



Hello my lovely blog buddies,

I have been missing as we have been having house guests and it sure has been keeping me busy...

Above are some pictures of our holiday in France...

Sorry, this is a quick post as it is my birthday and I am trying to convince my over worked hubby to take me out for a drink!!! He has just returned from a game of golf and wants to just chill out at home.

Hope you enjoy the pictures...

The food, wine and perfumes were amazing in France...
Paris Disney was a bit too busy but it still was enjoyble for the children.

Our holiday was fun, hectic and  a mixed bag because we lost our baggage as we arrived in Cannes! It took four days to be located. Somehow I did not lose my sense of humour - thank God for that.

All in all France was a beautiful experience and I have to say I loved it.



Featured Blogger - Charity Crafter

Hello my sweet, sweet bloggers,

I am finally back after this so very long vacation. It was fun, hectic, busy and a bit of a mixed bag. It took me a while to find out my bearings in the kitchen.

I am glad to be back home - home, sweet home! East or West, home is best!!!  The children are still on vacation so I may not be able to get back to blogging full swing - I will try for sure once my jet lag settles down.

And believe me, I have missed blogging so much. I will try and post some pics incase there are some decent ones I have clicked.

Okay, before I continue with my waffling let me get to the point - the featured blogger for this month is theLovely Leigh(

Leigh was one of the very first bloggers who touched my life - she is such a do-gooder in the true sense of the word. I consider myself lucky to be her follower... to say the least.

She makes beautiful cards and supports charities related to breast cancer and others as well. May I suggest that y…