Thursday 16 December 2010

For Zeenya's former teacher

 Hello again,

This was a quick make for Zeenya's former teacher which I heat embossed (and not Zeenya!) - the picture quality is not good as it was taken from my phone. But the card looked quite nice on a shimmery baby blue background. The stamps are from Inkadinkado. The broad ribbon is what I bought from a small ribbon and lace store close by.

This was another last minute card to sell and it did! It is nice to make non-traditional cards.
The block stamp is from Hero Arts while I have used a punch at the bottom. The sequins are from my stash - love using them as they add so much sparkle. I have to add that they are a bit fussy to stick though.

I am going to submit this for - quick and easy

I promise I will not bore you with any more Christmas cards but incase I do... please bear with me.



Wednesday 15 December 2010

My last minute orders!

Hello bloggers,

I know you all are fed up of seeing Christmas cards... this was one of my last minute Christmas cards which I think is a rather common place one. But the lady who ordered these cards did like it.

The candles are from Sizzix mini dies which I think looks rather cartoonish!!! Sorry for using the saaaaame sentiment yet again... I do like the script so bear with me. The dull gold paper looks much nicer in real life - it has this netty feel to it which makes it rather elegant. Everything else is from my stash.

I have been really slow in my postings this month... hopefully next month will be better.



Monday 13 December 2010

A beary happy Christmas!

Hello bloggers,

To overcome my withdrawl symptoms I thought I must post another card. This card was to be sold but I gifted it to Aleeza's teacher's daughter alongwith her Christmas gift. Her daughter is four years old so she should have liked the card.

Zeenya heat embossed this image from ummmm... sorry, I cannot remember - Inkadinkadoh or ? I stuck it on this textured gift wrap and the card stock is actually shimmery matt gold but it sadly doesn't show in the picture.

I seem to have some more Merry Christmas sentiments but just love this one and keep using it over and over again... sorry if you have seen it so many times earlier.

I have almost finished my order of 15 cards so then I should have more time to blog (or so I think!)

This card is going to go to Michelle's Monday Linky party.

Also I am going to enter this card for the following challenges: - sparkle and shine - a beary project



Card from a price tag!!!

Hello bloggers,

I have been MIA as my motherly responsibilities have increased multi-fold but I am not complaining... It is just that I miss my blogging time and everything connected with it.

I have made this card with a price tag (from one of my fave stores that sells the finest cotton in New Delhi). The next picture show the actual tag.

I dressed up the tag with Indian ribbons and glitter. Finished it by pasting it on to shimmery brown card stock. Sorry for the poor picture quality!

This card looks much nicer in real life... did not have the heart to sell it, though.



Wednesday 8 December 2010

For challenges and then for charity

Hi bloggers,

I am a bit behind with visiting as well as posting... Life has got a bit hectic ever since Aleeza's nanny left some weeks ago but I guess there are always pros and cons to every situation. And in this case, it is just as well that she has gone because Aleeza is going to turn 3 in February and she needs to learn to be independant. 

For me it is good to bond with her without the nanny's slightly over bearing personality. The flip side is that it has made me flipping busy. I don't seem to get enough time to make cards, blog or just kick off my shoes and have some fun and that makes me a bit sad.

Never mind, I must try and be a good mother - they grow up so fast as everyone says... I should be grateful for such luxuries that Indonesia provides.

Okay, enough waffling there - it is 11.33 pm as I write this post. I have used this stamp from Inkadinkado while the metallic tissue paper is from Paperchase. The gems are from Paper Mania (I think) while the ribbon is from my stash.

Am going to enter this card for the following challenges: - ribbons and bows - Christmas - deck the halls - Christmas



Tuesday 7 December 2010

A special card

Hello bloggers,

It is the 7th and I have not posted a  single card so far... just so occupied with the kids!

This card is ideal for me right now... wish I could do that but I hardly get time to wear heels!  I think the caption for me should be "just kick off your shoes and have fun".

This card has a history to it - I will try not to bore you with the details but Zeenya stamped this shoe from my new Hero Arts clear stamp alongwith the sentiment. She did a good job with distressing the sides as you can see in the remaining bits where she stamped the sentiment.

Tip: She decided to distress with Marvy brush markers instead of actual distress ink and it worked quite well.

While she was decorating the shoe with glitter it got a bit messy and I - Miss Smarty Pants tried to help her and made it worse... She was heart broken and so was I. 

However, I was determined to make this card happen beautifully so I cut out the shoe and hand tore the sentiment and coloured in the shoe with Zeenya's Sakura nail pens and see what I did. I also added in some Sakura glitter pens. I do like it now.

The quilled flower on the shoe has been made by me and the rest of the stuff is from my stash.

Am going to enter this card for Michelle's Monday Linky party and for following challenges:  - old stash new stash (the Hero shoe stamp is new for me) - my fave things (I love this shoe stamp and the polka dotted ribbon) - for someone special - red, pink and white



Award from dear Helen

Hello bloggers,

Hope you are feeling well and keeping healthy...

I am delighted to accept this award from dear Helen. First of all I apologise for taking so long to post it...

Do visit Helen's blog and see the superb stuff she makes - ranging from quilling to Origami to stamping - it goes on. She is extremely gifted and talented with oodles of patience.

I have to do the following in order to accept this award:

 Thanks and link back to the person who awarded me this award.

 Share 8 things about myself.

Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.

 Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

Here are the 8 things I would like to share about myself:

1. If I had another chance to study, it would be in connection with something creative.

2. I love interior decoration.

3. I can spend hours on my craft table...

4. My life begins and ends with card making - surprise, surprise!

5. I cannot sit still even for a few minutes in front of the television but surely can in front of the computer - blogging away for hours!

6. I have learned a lot from my blogging buddies.

7. I used to sew, embroider and indulge in a lot more crafts before settling in with card making.

8. I need to learn to keep a tidy work station - hopefully I am on my way as many of you have parted with real good tips...

I would like to pass this award to everyone (like Lynn did) - so do pick it up and paste it on your blog because I believe that all of you are stylish blogger out there.

However, I would like to share this award with 8 bloggers who have touched my life in special ways more than one:

Sandra -

Charity Crafter -

Terry -

Shirley-Anne -

Lynn -

Andrea -

Colleen -

Michelle -

Do visit their blogs and see their stylish creations and leave them some love...