Friday 22 January 2016

Back here

Hello lovely bloggers,

Here is another card to show you today which is kind of recycled. The printed paper is actually a paper napkin. I dressed it up with ribbon and could have added a sentiment but then sentiments restrict my cards so I left it organic. 

I will enter this card in:

Wish you a happy weekend,


Tuesday 19 January 2016

First post after Christmas break

Hello dear bloggers,

A very happy New Year to all of you. May it bring peace and calm to us and the world around us along with good health and laughter.

Yes, I finally told myself that blog I have to. So here I am at last. Our holiday to New Delhi was very nice - meeting my mum, relatives and dear friends is always a pleasure. Not to over look the good food, shopping and awesome customer service that India offers. Indian hospitality still takes me off my feet and it sure shows on my waistline. Lol. I managed to take the girls to the late Indira Gandhi's (the first lady prime minister of India) memorial and show her home to them. Inspite of all that the media painted her out to be, I still think she was a great lady.

Down below are some photos of our trip. We attended an Indian wedding and the girls were really excited to dress up in ethnic finery. From Indian standards, I am totally under dressed for the occasion. Lol.

Here is a little bit of Christmas for you from India. Yes, India is big on Christmas and loves the commerce that goes along with it. Lol.

Another Christmas decoration at a mall. Sorry for the lady with a Zara bag in the photo but it sure makes it look organic, doesn't it?

Now to my card down below - the rose has been painted by yours truly and the leaves are from the stem of a silk flower. They were too pretty to throw away so here they are. The sentiment has been die cut using a pretty brochure.

I will come and visit you all as soon as I can,