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Thank you card

Hello peeps,
I have been away from blogland as it was summer holidays and we were away to India and Japan. We did not do much site seeing in India (which I wanted to) however Japan was a delight. We went to Hokkiedo and we saw the most beautiful flower fields, sunflower fields, apple orchards, grape vines and peaches and plum trees. The lavender fields had dried up yet and we could literally feel the oil in our hands when we rubbed the flowers. It was such a pretty experience for me since I am a big fan of lavender.  We also saw Lake Toya, which is 110,000 years old and it was formed from the eruptions of a volcano. Visiting the earthquake museum was amazing. We also walked all the way to see an active volcano yet it but it was cloudy so we could not see it through the clouds.
I learned so much from Japanese culture - how kind and courteous they are, how they help visitors, how the ladies smile and bow at every thing, how they live from one earthquake to another, how they are so resi…