Monday 31 May 2010

This card has sentimental value for me because I have made it with wrapping paper used to pack my birthday gift last year by a special friend.

When I received my gift I knew in an instant that I could recycle the paper...

It was a bit time consuming to cut out the heart, flower and butterfly but enjoyable at the same time.

I dressed up the butterflies with faux crystal and tiny flower embellishments. Glitter and pop up glue added the sparkle.

Friday 28 May 2010

The strawberries on this card have been cut out of fabric that I bought from Spotlight in Singapore. The glitter added a sparkle to the strawberries. I just love this fruit!
The inspiration for this card came from a beautiful quilled lady bug card that a friend gave me for my birthday last year.
This card sold off in the sale on the 26th.

My daughter, Zeenya made these butterflies on black Crayola paper and she used special Crayola pencils that work well on a dark surface.
I highlighted the butterflies and flowers with metallic pens.
The cut outs were glued on to light blue card stock.
A lady happily bought it at one of my sales.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

I had my famous charity card sale today... and as always it went off well. I think next time round, I am not going to be nervous any more because the cards seem to sell everytime.

I had my table outside near the backyard of the school - it was a hot day and I was a bit miserable because I don't like the sun. It tires me out!

But I am always on cloud nine around the time of my sale... I just love selling my cards.

Sunday 23 May 2010

I dry embossed this and glued it on to metallic green paper... sorry the picture quality is not the best.
For the shading I used pastel chalks from Dover craft. My daughter picked them up from a craft store in the UK thinking that they were eye shadows and that she could use them for dress ups!
I love using these chalks.

Saturday 22 May 2010

I had to change the name of my blog as the last name was over a kilometre long...
I am going to submit this for the Flowers and Lace challenge.
I have quilled the roses and the coiled shapes.
The flower pot has been dye cut from Sizzix mini punches. The flowers and the pot have been stuck on pink hand made paper.
This card was made for a charity sale and sold off in no time.
I love making cards with ribbons and flowers...

Wednesday 19 May 2010

My ten year old daughter who is also my art critque cannot stand these cards... but I do like them because they are kind of natural and eco friendly.
I picked up these leaves from New Zealand - way back in 2002 and pressed them right away. Using them at last - better late than never...
The yellowish green tie and dye was done by my daughter on toilet tissue... she was just playing with vegetable dyes and I loved the final effect.
I am having my next card sale on May, the 26th and the proceeds will go towards buying school supplies for the children in a poor village in Indonesia.
My daughter and her fourth grader classmates will be going to visit the school early next month and they will hand over stationery, old clothes and bags to the children.
There are a total of 180 children in the village and we are planning to donate to all of them.
Am really excited. Getting posters ready to hang in the school to get maximum publicity.
Have about 60 cards to sell - hopefully we'll do well!

Tuesday 18 May 2010

I made this card using ribbon that is over 9 years old... bought it from the haberdashery in John Lewis in London.

The handmade paper is from India. I like jute so thought of adding it. Did some pop up painting at the bottom which makes it look a bit tacky... did not turn out as I thought it would! :(

Monday 17 May 2010

My life seems to have become more exciting after starting this blog...

Of course I have a long way to go before I get better at blogging but am glad that I started it.

It feels so good to talk to like minded people and share their views...

Sunday 16 May 2010

I was just trying my hand at stamping after seeing Allana's cards and so many others... and I just experimented with my Versamark multi-colour stamp pad.
Sorry could not read the name of the manufacturer on the paisley stamp.
The yellow ribbon is to hide a flaw in the card - I am a specialist at covering up errors! ;)

Guess, I am going to submit this card too for Susan's OLW challenge incase I have not missed the deadline ...

Saturday 15 May 2010

After Dallas's encouragement to look for weekly challenges, I hurriedly stamped this card at 11.30 pm last night.
The birthday wishes stamp is from Docrafts, UK while the dog stamp is probably from the States. Sorry, could not read the name on the stamp.

Friday 14 May 2010

I have used Carla craft butterfly punch on red card stock and around the borders is red glitter glue.
This was one of my cards for the first charity sale I had in India. My daughter's friend's mum bought it in an instant.

Thursday 13 May 2010

These flowers were dye cut with Sizzix from silk fabric.
The stems were cut manually from green textured paper.
Ribbons are always a big hit with me hence the bow.
My ten year old lovely daughter made this for fun... and it sold off at one of the charity sales in school.
The pink teddies are Sizzix dye cuts and are made from pearlized paper from India.

She wrote Happy Birthday with pop up pearl glitter glue.
Even though she thought it was not good enough to sell, it went so easily and that was a matter of pride for me...

Monday 10 May 2010

Even though small children are my big time customers, I am always short of ideas when it comes to crafting cards for boys or men.

This card was made with different textures of paper. I love layering and never seem to tire of it. I sold it my daughter's school family fair to a Japanese lady. I am sure she bought it to send to her son's friend.

Somebody needs to inspire me with cards for boys...
Here is another quilled card coming your way...

The flowers are made from pearlised handmade paper from India.

The flower pot has been punched using Carl craft punches.

I love adding bows to my cards even though my ten year old daughter says I use them far too often... bows remind me of my pretty party frocks as a child!

This was painted by my Mum two years ago. Since I like

it so much I have decided not to sell it or part with it. Maybe I will frame it at a later date.
I made this card for Mother's day and a small Japanese girl picked it up at my daughter's school for USD 2/ For some reason children love my cards... must be the colours!

This card is made with punches from Carl craft. The blue paper is handmade from India and so is the pink paper.

I used organza ribbon to lend it a special touch. I simply love bows. The pink checkered ribbon has been recyled from one of my younger daughter's gifts that we received when she was born two years ago.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Pastel Hearts

This card was made on hand made paper from India including the pink and the mauve layers. The heart stickers are 3D stickers I bought from the UK. Sadly I have run out of them.
The pop up paint is acrylic pop up fabric paint from India called Fevicryl. I love using it... haven't found anything like it so far.

One of my daughters friends bought it for USD 2/. The profits went to charity.
The heart punches were punched from Sizzix mini punches.

The paper has been recylced from my daughter's Barbie doll carton. I decorated the hearts with pop up glitter glue.

The raised effect was obtained with double sided foam tape.

This card was put up for sale in the charity card sale in the school.

My daughter's friend liked it so much that I could not resist giving it to her for free. It was lovely to see her face light up!

I quilled the flowers myself and stuck them on to offwhite mulberry paper from India.
For the leaves I folded green textured paper and cut the leaves to give a 3 D look.
I sold the card at a sale in my daughter's school for USD 3.

I quilled the roses with hand made paper from India and stuck them on a layered background. I love the riot of colours - just right for spring.

I sell my cards for charity at my daughter's school and believe me this card sold in no time. It went for USD 3 - though in my heart I knew I could have made more money since there is a lot of hard work!