Saturday, 5 November 2011

Featured Blogger of the month - Merry

Hello sweet bloggers,

Thank you so much for the joy you have brought in my life... it has filled it up so nicely. I kind of behave strangely when I don't get enough time to blog and when I do, I get that feeling of being grounded.

It is already November the 6th and I am a bit slow to do my monthly post on the Featured Blogger of the month.

Well, it is Merry of

Merry is just like her name - she leaves me the most sunny and cheerful comments and makes such sweeeeeeeeeeet cards. I love her style as much as reading her posts which are just so natural and witty at the same time.

Have a nice weekend,



Dr Sonia S V said...

I love Merry too and have been following her gorgeous creations for some time. So nice of you to feature her

Shirley-anne said...

Hi Monica .Yes I visit Merry from time to time and have also been happy to receive kind words from her in comments .
She deserves to be recognised as a worthy featured blogger and you are sweet to show case her blog .
hugs Shirley-Anne

Karin said...

Thanks for sharing about her on your blog!

Merry said...

Thank you so much Monica for this lovely post. I too, of late have been a bit slow with visiting peoples blogs. Sorry to take so long to come and visit. It's that garden. :-) I am glad I found your blog and see your terrific cards and learn what you do in your life. :-)

Merry said...

Thank you too to DrSonia and Shirley-Anne for your lovely comments.... so appreciated.