Friday, 19 August 2011

Cards from around the world for Carolyn's daughter, Susan

Hello lovely bloggers,

Thanks for the sweet comments on my last card...

Before I start waffling, let me get down to the gist of my post.  Carolyn is a lovely lady whom I met through Less is More and we have developed this instant loving bond. 

Carolyn's daughter, Susan has  been diagnosed with Cancer. So I thought I must get out there and ask my lovely blog buddies if they might want to send Susan a card to cheer her up.

If you would like more details, may I suggest a visit to Carolyn's wonderful blog.. Also you could take a peek at the pretty cards she makes.

Incidentally the last card I made with the bicycle and teddy is for Susan and Carolyn thinks I should go ahead and send it. 

Please, dear bloggers, this is not meant to cause you any kind of pressure. And I do think that I owe some of  you an apology for passing on those awards. 




Sue said...

Hi Monica,it is never a trouble to send a card to anyone,and someone who is so poorly might love a card or two.
Hugs Sue xx

Terry Oulboub said...

Monica, you're such a delightful treasure! You have a loving heart and it is wonderful to see in all you do. It's lovely that you are thinking of others and it's no problem to pass this on to others because it will certainly help boost others who want to do good too! You're so fabulous! Love the teddy card and the others - you're awesome, woman!

Shirley-anne said...

Hello Monica .You mean to show appreciation for blogging friendship by sending these awards and I know that they are always warmly received . That's how I feel anyway . Thank you for mine which I have made a special page for .
I had heard of Susan and my card is on its way already, hopefully to give a little cheer.
Please do not stop being you !
hugs Shirley-anne .

Sandy Ang said...

It's so sweet of you. I'm going over to check out the link

Crafty Cre8tions said...

How sweet of you to ask for cards. I will go check out the blog you linked!!!!

Maria :)

Rae said...

Hi Monica,
Sorry for my absence, I just can not get it together like I want to on my blog, and visiting others. Thank you for your visit and your sweet words. I do hope to get better!

Merry said...

Thanks for the post Monica and for sharing the link. I always enjoy sending my cards to someone to hopefully give them a smile.