Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Going to be out of action temporarily...

Hello lovely bloggers,

Just a short post to tell you that I have a ganglion (a swelling which comes about after the fluid oozes out of  a joint) on my left wrist.
 This is the hand I use a great deal to punch (me being ambidextrous) so it seems that it is under great stress.

The doctor has asked me not to use pressure with my left hand... how can he say that when crafting is my first love... He meant I should not use my beloved punches. If only he knew how much I am in love with my craft punches. I have been using them for well over 11 years and it is just natural wear and tear. Maybe I should try and make cards which do not make me exert any kind of pressure. 

On second  thoughts however, I will try and rest my left hand so that it improves... It is not an uncommon occurence though and often times there is no pain. Sadly in my case there is a fair amount of pain. So rest I must, I guess.

I will try and visit you all however after the pain subsides.
Until then I am this wounded soldier trying to be brave about not being able to make my beloved cards!!! 

Only you crafters would empathise with me... never mind.

Ciao and hugs,


PS: Not a nice way to start the beginning of the month, right?


Shakti said...

все будет хорошо!хорошего приятного настроения!!!

Rose Petal said...

Hello my dear friend Monica. You must take great care of your hand sweetie, so that you can get back to crafting soon. Listen to the Doctor, and I will be Nurse Sandra, bet that made you smile eh!!!
We will all be here waiting, when you can return pain-free.
Thinking of you.
Lots of love, Sandra xxx
PS. I will email later xxxxx

Sue said...

Hello Monica,sorry you are in pain,please do as your Dr has told you.We will see you when you are able to make your gorgeous cards again.
Hugs Sue xx

susiestacey said...

Hello Monica - hopefully it won't take too long before you are back punching. Take care x Susan x

Helen said...

Hi Monica,

I hope your hand will feel better soon.


Andrea said...

Hello Monica

I'm so sorry that you experiencing pain and problems with your wrist. Is it a ganglion that they say you should bash with a bible?! (I don't think you should do that really though! LOL!)
I hope that it improves very quickly so that you are able to get back to your crafting soon - but please listen to what your doctor says and rest it as much as possible.
Take care.
Love, Andrea xx

Dr Sonia S V said...

Oh Monica ganglions can be so painful . Dont let it get you down. I know you have 2 adorable daughters.. this can be an excuse to let them play with your punches.
Love and hope you get well soon

Sasha said...

Sorry to hear you're wrist is causing you pain, Monica. Hope it feels better soon. Take care! x

Bea said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering Monica and hope you are soon able to use your tools again. Maybe you could take up Sonia's idea of getting your daughters to do some punching for you,
take care

jimlynn said...

Bless your heart! Monica I can more than sympathize with you as I had the exact same thing years ago - even on the same wrist! Not fun at all, let me tell ya! I ended up having to have my removed as it became so painful and large. Hugs to you, and rest that wrist completely!!!!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Aww Monica, so sorry to hear you are having this problem, you must rest it, (stay away from the punches) sending you healing thoughts.
Kevin xx

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

You are wounded, oh no!!! You must train your feet to work those punches... or how about a friend? You must have several that will come to you in shifts, maybe even preparing coffee or tea for you.
There is a danger that you would get used to it though. You would have to change your blog to "Queen of the Punches." Feel better soon. :)

Shirley-anne said...

So sorry I missed this Monica Hope by now you are on the mend .please ease yourself back to punching slowly
Thank you once more for all your visits and blog love you share with me

1CardCreator said...

So sorry to hear of your pain Monica. Get better soon!

Amanda said...

Ouch!! Hope your hand is better already. But - listen to the Doctor - vbg! Thanks for your kind comments on my creations - it is much appreciated.
Have a great weekend!

Merry said...

Hi Monica, I am trying to catch up on blog posts but everyone types too fast. Just wanted to say sorry to hear that you are not feeling too well. I hope your hand is better very soon. Big hugs