Thursday, 2 February 2012

Featured blogger

Hello lovely bloggers,

It is time for my regular monthly feature and this time the beautiful blogger is Beadee of

She makes great cards - clean, simple, uncluttered and elegant. Her posts often have  a dose of humour in them and that makes them all the more interesting to read.

And she always leaves me such lovely comments. 

So happy to have you as a blog buddie! Keep making those wonderful nestie cards while I rest my hands... 




fatmonica said...

I'm off to visit Beadee right now!

Sue said...

Hi Monica,will go and see now.Thanks for your lovely comments.Hope your hand is not to painful.
Hugs Sue xx

Bea said...

hi Monica - how is your hand? Ihope it isn't too sore. Thanks so much for your award I am very grateful and now have 2 new followers.

Redspect said...

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