Saturday, 15 May 2010

After Dallas's encouragement to look for weekly challenges, I hurriedly stamped this card at 11.30 pm last night.
The birthday wishes stamp is from Docrafts, UK while the dog stamp is probably from the States. Sorry, could not read the name on the stamp.


Susan Raihala said...

Oh how sweet! Thanks for playing the challenge! And I think it's wonderful that you sell your cards for charity. Bravo!

Alanna Harris said...

what a cute dog!! the polka dotted ribbon is perfect for him!

Monica said...

Alana, thanks for the compliments. I only bought this stamp last week and my ten year old daughter tried her best to discourage me from buying it but something in my bones told me that it would turn out nice... Incidentally I am not a big fan of stamping (I have collected many stamps from Hobby Craft in London but have hardly used any...)
But I have to say that I visited your site and loved your cards. You have such a subtle and unusual colour sense.
The beige and blue card with the SU stamp is awesome - so simple and nice.
You are a remarkable lady - a physiotherapist by day and an artist by night.
Keep it up!

Monica said...

I am so excited about the charity sale on
May 26th. Just gave the posters to the school. Now I have to click pictures of my cards and pack them with matching envelopes in plastic sleeves.