Saturday, 22 May 2010

I am going to submit this for the Flowers and Lace challenge.
I have quilled the roses and the coiled shapes.
The flower pot has been dye cut from Sizzix mini punches. The flowers and the pot have been stuck on pink hand made paper.
This card was made for a charity sale and sold off in no time.
I love making cards with ribbons and flowers...


annieambriel said...

Your card is really lovely. I love your quiling work :)

Monica said...

Thanks for your kind words... you make great cards, too!

annieambriel said...

thanks for your lovely comments. Its awesome that you are making cards for charity. Just added you to friend connect.. have a good weekend :D

Monica said...

Annie, thanks for your lovely emails to my daughter... she already likes you! Children are like dogs you know - strangely intuitive!!

I just had a charity card sale on th 26th and it went off well.

We are going to buy stationery for a poor primary school with the proceeds.

I make so many cards that it is best I sell them off - otherwise my home will be a real mess!! Know what I mean?