Saturday, 8 May 2010

I quilled the roses with hand made paper from India and stuck them on a layered background. I love the riot of colours - just right for spring.

I sell my cards for charity at my daughter's school and believe me this card sold in no time. It went for USD 3 - though in my heart I knew I could have made more money since there is a lot of hard work!


Dallas said...


This card is just beautiful -- I've seen youtube video tutorials of quilling so I know how much work went into making this card :o)

How wonderful for the charities that you raise money for and that you are able to sell your cards so easily!

Indianizer said...

Hey, this is stunning! I'm not really a card person (gave up on cards after buying my last stupid Valentine's Day card in 1997, after my (then) GF and now wife insisted I buy one for her. But this card is totally unique. Very very out of the box! Keep adding more pix.