Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pastel Hearts

This card was made on hand made paper from India including the pink and the mauve layers. The heart stickers are 3D stickers I bought from the UK. Sadly I have run out of them.
The pop up paint is acrylic pop up fabric paint from India called Fevicryl. I love using it... haven't found anything like it so far.

One of my daughters friends bought it for USD 2/. The profits went to charity.


Amanda said...

Hi Monica, thanks for you kind comments on my blog!! You will get there in good time. I am happy to be your follower - I love your creations - beautiful, clean lines and effective. Have a great week!!

Monica said...

Amanda, thanks so much for your motivation... it means a lot to me. You have a great week too. And please do stay in touch - I love to hear from you.