Beautiful handmade roses by Helen

It is midnight, rather past midnight and I am still blog hopping and surfing... it is addictive, to say the least. I better go to bed after this post.

I had to share this exciting information that I happened to stumble upon -

I came across Helen's blog - while I was at Michelle's . I was delighted to see that on the left she has a rose making tutorial...

For those of you who are as crazy as me about making flowers, do visit her blog.

I have been struggling to post a flower making tutorial myself but I think it may take me a few years to get there... just kidding! :) I need to get more savvy at blog stuff.

Good night for now, my dear blog buddies.




thanks for the posting, off to have a look at the tutorial and hope you got a restful nights sleep
Jennifer said…
Hi Monica..I'm just the same surfing when should be sleeping. Or should be doing the now! lol! xx Jenny xx

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