Umbrella painting

Hello bloggers, hope you are all well out there... it has been a bit stressful for me as my younger one (two and a half) has been down with high fever. Got her tested for dengue - thank God it was negative but she has does have a viral infection. It is the third day today (it seems like 3 years!) and luckily she seems to be on the mend. That's enough of my sob story! Indonesia has shortage of good medical facilities so falling ill here is not much fun.

In the midst of all this, my mum and I went to attend an umbrella painting class. As you can see the yellow umbrella is hers (she seems to be a paisley specialist LOL!) I was strapped for ideas so I just picked up some leaves and stamped with them in different hues on that reddish umbrella...

Hope you like them.

It was theraputic to attend the class because it took my mind off my little one for a while and I needed that break.

I have not been upto making cards but will do that soon.




Hello Monica. These are beautiful. Great idea. Lovely bright colours too. How nice you are able to craft together.
Sorry to hear your little one is ill, but at least she is now feelinhg a little better. Take care and Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xx
Shirley-Anne said…
I cannot begin to imagine how difficult it would be for a mum to have a sick child and not have easy access to medical facilities as we have here in Australia . So with that in mind I am sending my love and wishes for continuing improvement in your little one's health .
Love it that you have your Mother so near .
Love the umbrella art too.
Terry Oulboub said…
Hello Monica. What beautiful umbrellas and then to top it off you and your Mum did such a fantastic job painting them. I am amazed at how gorgeous they are. I sure wish I could do that. I can't paint at all. I took a class and could see that me and a brush are not friends! This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad your daughter is on the mend. It does worry us mothers when our little ones fall ill, doesn't it. Glad she's perking up! ;-)
Helen said…
Hi Monica,

Both umbrellas look stunning! and you are absolutely right crafting is a therapeutic for many of us. I am glad you are still blogging and hope that your daughter will be well soon.
susiestacey said…
Hi Monica - the umbrella are beautiful l love the colours you have used. Hope your little one is soon better, take care x Susan x
Loraine Arderne said…
Wow, Monica those umbrella's are gorgeous, such a wonderfull class to attend.
Unknown said…
Hi Monica x so sorry to hear your little one is poorly x hope she is better soon x so pleased you had a break by going to your umbrella painting class, they are really lovely and such a different thing to do x Leigh x
Unknown said…
Hi Monica just to say x your cards for UKAID came today! Well packed (you can tell you have done that before :@) x they are lovely, we will drop them off next week, where I am sure you will get thanks from them personally x keep up the lovely crafting x Leigh x
Jennifer said…
Hi Monica! Wow these are fantastic!! So sorry your little one is poorly too! Hugs xx Jenny xx
Andrea said…
Hi Monica - both umbrellas are gorgeous! Your Mum has shown her talents again, and what a great idea of yours to use leaves.
I hope your daughter is well again very soon - I know it's horrible to see your children ill!
Love, Andrea xx
diksha said…
hey monica hope ur lil one is doin fine now..

d umbrellas r class..i just loved thm..n also d artefacts in d background....u know i had bot an umbrella in phuket thailand a few yrs ago which was made up of some paper n was paintd beautifully..unfortunately i had placed it outdoors in my terrace gardn n d paper withrd away.. i kept d skeleton made of wood hoping dat some day id make a paper paintng n paste it on it.. hvnt come across such classes in india..wonder if u cud help me how i cud go abt it..wht kind of paper 2 use etc..

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