Thursday, 28 October 2010

More Christmas cards for charity

Hello dear bloggers,

I hope all is well in your world... Indonesia is having some adventurous weather conditions but with the grace of God we are fine in Jakarta.

These are some of the Christmas cards I made today. I will either donate them or sell them for a good cause.

The heart on the first one has been die cut from my Sizzix mini from guess what??? A Ferraro Rocher wrapper!!!

The distressed effect was achieved by yours truly while experimenting with my newly acquired distress inks - it was great fun! 

I have used a Hero stamp on the paper for the swirls. The orange circle at the back has been made from my Hobbycraft punch. 

The gold ribbon and metallic mini hearts are from my stash. The bow look okay in real life but for some reason looks distorted in the picture and I just could not manage a good picture with this shimmery paper.

This is the inside of the card - a red insert punched with my Carla craft mini heart punch.

This card has been made on the same shimmery card stock as the one on top. The gold ribbon and red cherries are from my stash. I have to make a lot of cards and quickly too because I will be needing a lot of them.

Hope you like my simple creations.




jimlynn said...

Very unique and just beautiful! And to think you used a candy wrapper on that first one!! Outstanding.
I'd been thinking about you with all that horrible weather, etc. you've been having. So glad you're ok.

Naturally Me Creations said...

I also have ribbons like in the last card you made, just with different patterns on them, i think they're lovely ribbons! I haven't used them on a card yet, but I want to, that's why i bought a whole lot of them. :D

Naturally Me Creations said...

Oh yes, and i think it's a beautiful card! :)