Sunday, 7 November 2010

For charity card sale last week

Hello bloggers,

I have had a busy and happy week as I had a card sale in my younger daughter's school ... The first set of cards was made by my Mum - she and her famous paisleys. But I marvel how she draws free hand. She made some tea light cards also.

The rest of the cards were made by me...

Managed to make 66 cards and am proud to say that 40 sold off! Am so chuffed.

Have another sale in my older daughter's school on Tuesday. We are trying to help the volcano tragedy victims with the sale proceeds. I know I don't make much money out my cards but it keeps me happy and it is my small way of paying back.

Have a nice day or evening where ever you are...




cardmaking bird said...

Thanks, Monica for your kind words. I can always count on you and I feel very lucky to have you as a blog buddy!
And wow - you have been busy, your selection of cards are fab!!! Marie xx

jimlynn said...

Oh Monica....these are lovely and your mom made some wonderful cards too! How very special you are to do the sale of the cards for the victims.
I think you did great on the sale and know you will again this coming week. You have made some beautiful creations.
I've been so worried about your safety and glad you're ok.

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica. WOW sweetie. You and your Mum have done wonderfully well, and great job on selling so many. You have such a beautiful, caring heart. Well done and I know you will do well again theis week. Keep up the good work. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xxx

Abounding Treasures said...


You did really well on the sale and will again at your older daughter's school too!!

What a wonderful selection of beautiful cards you've made and your Mom's too - I could never do anything *free hand* :o)

Also I wanted to thank you for your comments ~ you're always so encouraging and it's much appreciated :o)

Unknown said...

This is amazing, well done you x though I am not surprised, they are gorgeous x keep up th egood work x Leigh x

Jennifer said...

What a kind thing to do Monica! I am not surprised you sold so many, such a great selection! xx Jenny xx

Michelle said...

Hi Monica

Wow, what an amazing collection of cards.

Well done on your sales. Such a kind hearted soul you are.

Michelle :-)

Ren said...

Hi Monica, you have an excellent mission! I run but due to busy schedule, I have not been able to produce that many cards I want for charity. I tried once with my stock of about 50 cards for a mission trip funding, but I guess cards are not sold that much?? Not very sure how much my cards were sold and how much it was able to fund it. I am inspired by your journey and will work harder to make more and get a better "funding" for charity.


Ren, from sunny island Singapore