Sunday, 23 January 2011

Zeenya's been baking!

Hi bloggers,

I thought I had to share what Zeenya has been up to of  late - BAKING!!! 

Well then, she will never be a real part of our crafting community really because I feel people who love cooking don't really care for  serious art and craft. 

I would be happy to be proved wrong in this case... 

Anyway, I am not going to let that make me unhappy for the simple reason that this Strawberry Cheese Cake that she baked was yummilicious!  Even sweet Teddy agrees to that.

She got the recipe from youtube and the link is and Caroline Aritiss is the name of the lady who shared how to make it. According to Zeenya she loves watching her cooking/baking videos. She has a real English twang which Zeenya is a real fan of!!! 

The real strawberries in the cheese cake did lend a great taste to it. 

Wish I could have shared it with you all!!!

Hugs again,



Shirley-Anne said...

Sorry Monica have to disagree . I think cooking / baking is an art . That maybe due to me loving to eat said food.
Well done Zeenya, Looks delish.

fatmonica said...

Looks lovely!

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica & Zeenya. This does look yummylicious, have you saved me a piece, haha.
Love Sandra xx

jimlynn said...

Looks yummy for sure!!! I'll have to check out this recipe.

Merry said...

Mmmmm...this does look very yummy and really you can't go past cheesecake.

Unknown said...

Yummy looking! I love cheesecake, it is a weakness of mine and wish I could share it with you!! Not sure what happened when you tried posting on The Outlawz, if still having troubles my email is Hugz, Colleen

Unknown said...

OOOOhhhh but many crafters love cake! And cheesecake is my absolute favourite in the world! x I hate cooking! But love eating and love Arts and crafts does that count! he! he!
x Leigh x

Loraine Arderne said...

Yumm..............Zenya, you continue with your crafting and cooking. I love both.

Helen said...

I am not a cheese cake person, but this cheese cake looks delicious! I might even give it a try to make it.