Sold 84 cards for Japan Red cross so far...

Hello bloggers,

See, I could not resist blogging... so am back! Thanks for your good wishes - my fingers will get better soon, I guess.

This is a card I have made for an order... remember I made the same card in blue a few days ago? The lady who wanted to buy it wanted it in pink - so here it is. Thanks, Sandra for the cute sheep.

The pink background paper with touches of blue is actually wall paper !!! The buttons are from the extras that come  along with clothes and the safety pin has been recycled as well. The grey base under the sheep is a price tag from a garment. The ribbon is from my stash. Aren't you impressed???

I am going to enter this for Monique's weekend linky party at

By the way, did anyone see the Royal Wedding? I did and found it so light and relaxing to watch telly for a change... I felt I was transported to another world - sometimes we need these kind of happy distractions, you know. I thought Kate looked really elegant in her wedding gown. I do sooooo hope this marriage stays forever.




Jennifer said…
Hi Monica...sorry you're unwell x You are so kind with your charity work! Fab card! xx Jenny xx
Crafterkhush said…
Good to see you.. Hope you're taking care of those fingers of yours...I loved the wedding.. It was just so enchanting.. and her dress.. OMG.. am still drooling over it.. and prince william looked fab too..awesome couple they make...
fatmonica said…
It's another lovely card!The wedding was fabulous wasn't it.They both looked stunning!
Hello Monica. Wow, all those fantastic cards you have sold for charity, amazing work my friend, you truly have a heart of gold.
I hardly took my eyes off the Royal Wedding yesterday, it was fantastic, they make a wonderful couple. Just amazing. Happy crafting Monica and keep up the good work.
Lots of love, Sandra xx
cardmaking bird said…
So cute and I love your play on words! Well done for selling all those cards for charity, Monica. You should be very proud of yourself for raising all that money. Hugs, Marie xx
jimlynn said…
I'm SUPER impressed!!! So much recycling and just wonderful. Lovely card! And so very proud of you in your cards for the relief! Fantastic.
Linby said…
What a cute card. Well done on the recycling.
This is a lovely card! Yes, i'm very impressed, hehe. :)
Wow, congratulations on selling all those card! :)
Unknown said…
Hello sweet Monica!! 84 cards sold for Japan Red Cross is so awesome and as always never cease to amaze me g/f! Wall paper on a card and it is so pretty! Your reclycling is a joy to read! Hope your fingers are feeling better soon! xoxoxoxo
Sandy said…
Hi Monica, love your little sheep card, cute sentiment as well. You are doing well with your charity card sales.
Hope your fingers improve rapidly!
Dr Sonia S V said…
Hi Monica thank you for being such a regular visitor to my blog. I love the way you use buttons makes them look so cute.I have never tried buttons on my cards!
Karin said…
Another darling card Monica :) I love watching the wedding and she made a beautiful bride. I ADORED her sister's gown even more! Spectacular!
Beautiful card as always! Love the use of wallpaper! But, make sure you are resting your poor hands. I understand what how painful it can be when you overuse them!

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