Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Featured Blogger - Helen of Let's create

Hello lovely peeps,

Hope you are having a nice Wednesday. It is 8.40 pm as I write this post... Today was a busy day indeed. Met a lovely friend for coffee and then had three children over for a playdate but only two turned up which is just as well... Aleeza was thrilled.

Now to the featured blogger of the month - Helen of 

Helen is an amazing crafter - she does origami, crochet, quilling, you name it... EVERY paper craft under the sun!!! Her level of patience with crafting is almost unbeatable.And she is always there to help out incase you are stuck with any blogger problems.

And to top it all she has a heart of gold. Thank you, Helen, for making my crafting journey so wonderful. I really appreciate your kindness in every which way.

Do leave Helen some blog love whenever you get the chance - worth every second of your time.

Am off to do some commenting now...




Romina Nahata said...

hey thanks for your wonderful cmments!!they sound so genuine :)

ursula Uphof said...

Monica thank you so much for visiting and your lovely comments.
I saw your lovely cards that you have sold, and think that you are truly wonderful. I tried leaving some comments earlier in the week, but blogger was being "very difficult". I think we are having some better luck now. Warm wishes

Helen said...

wow, Monica, You always had nice things to say about people. Thank you for these wonderful words. I am truly flattered.

fatmonica said...

Thanks for your frequent visits and lovely comments on my blog!Am off to visit Helen's blog now!

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica. You have a heart of gold sweetie, and care lots about others. I will pop by Helens blog soon. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xx

Dr Sonia S V said...

Helen is a favorite of mine too. Her work is spectacular and outstanding. She somehow also finds the time to drop in to your blog and leave some love.
So good of you to feature her Monica so that more people can come to know this super-talented lady

1CardCreator said...

So nice of you to do this for your friend, I'm off to see her blog!

Fresh Garden said...

That's true, memang betul.
Yes, hati yang suci is always better than perkataan manis.
Monica, always remember: We all are here to sayang you and sokong you.

Karin said...

How sweet! Off to visit :)

Jennifer said...

Hi Monica, just popping by to say hi :-) Thanks for the link...will check it out xx Jenny xx

Judie said...

Morning Monica, What nice words for your friend Helen, am off to check out her blog.
Have a great weekend.

Merry said...

Thanks so much for sharing Monica....I am off to check out Helen's blog. Sounds like you had a lovely day.