Monday, 4 July 2011

Featured Blogger - Charity Crafter

Hello my sweet, sweet bloggers,

I am finally back after this so very long vacation. It was fun, hectic, busy and a bit of a mixed bag. It took me a while to find out my bearings in the kitchen.

I am glad to be back home - home, sweet home! East or West, home is best!!!  The children are still on vacation so I may not be able to get back to blogging full swing - I will try for sure once my jet lag settles down.

And believe me, I have missed blogging so much. I will try and post some pics incase there are some decent ones I have clicked.

Okay, before I continue with my waffling let me get to the point - the featured blogger for this month is the Lovely Leigh (

Leigh was one of the very first bloggers who touched my life - she is such a do-gooder in the true sense of the word. I consider myself lucky to be her follower... to say the least.

She makes beautiful cards and supports charities related to breast cancer and others as well. May I suggest that you do a tour of Leigh's blog and see what she does.She holds classes for scrapbooking and card making in her area too. She is quite an institution, really.

Every once in a while, Leigh does a post which is from her heart describing an incident which is just so heart warming to read. When I read those touching stories, I just feel so rich!

Thank you Leigh for the encouragement and love you have given me. Know that you are very dear to me even though I have been a bit out of touch with you.

Have a nice week ahead and I promise to come and visit you as soon as I can.

Happy Fourth of July!



Unknown said...

Hi ya x welcome home! And trust you Monica to do something so kind for another, virtually before you have unpacked!!! he! he! It is most appreciated your kind words, thank you so much x You are a sweetie! x Leigh x

Shakti said...

very glad to see you!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Nice to have you back in blog land Monica

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hoorah.....WELCOME BACK, I missed you sweetie.
Speak soon.
Love Sandra xxxx

jimlynn said...

So glad you're back Monica!! Missed you so much. Know you probably had a lovely time - but it's always good to be home.
Will go check out Leigh's blog!

Bea said...

welcome back Monica - I hope you enjoyed your holiday - back to your craft desk?

CG said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

fatmonica said...

Glad you're back!I'm off to have a look at Leigh's website now.

Shirley-Anne said...

Hello My friend , Monica. Welcome back into my room .I have missed your company although you did send me some blog love early in your holiday .Now I cant wait to see some of your photos . Will go and visit your featured bloggers postings .
hugs Shirley-anne.

Merry said...

Great to see you back in blog land. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time on holidays but I have to agree it is always so nice to come home. Off to check out Leigh's blog....thanks for sharing her link.

Beverley said...

Monica...welcome back...I missed you...thanks for the sweet comments on my blog...yes kids grow up so enjoy them while we can...I can't wait to see what inspirations you have to share this month.

Stampin' hugz

Karin said...

Welcome home Monica! It's nice to be able to go away, but equally nice to come back home. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time with your children while they are off and I will pop by Leigh's blog! Have a great day :)

Sandy said...

Welcome back Monica, have missed your blogging and also your kind comments,

Crafterkhush said...

Welcome back... You have been terribly missed.. especially by me... and I did check out Leigh's blog through yours only and i think she does some cool work...!!

Hope you had a fab vacations..


Rosalee said...

Welcome back Monica. I have a blog award for you over on my blog. Thanks for taking the time and leaving such wonderful comments. I really appreciate it.
Hugs, Rosalee

Unknown said...