Saturday, 3 December 2011

Featured blogger of the month

Hello lovely bloggers,

Hope you are having a nice and relaxed weekend... 

I am still trying to organize my craft space - it is 80 percent done. Thank God for that.

Here is the featured blogger of the month - Lovely Sasha at 

I fell in love with Sasha's cards at the very first visit and she has been a great source of inspiration for me.
I love the way she uses soft colours to make her stunning cards.

When you visit her blog, you may have to scroll down to find her cards as her latest post dated November 29th talks about a nasty fall she had recently.

 I hope Sasha gets better soon so that she can create those beauties.

Happy weekend and thanks for all the love,



Sasha said...

Oh! Bless you Monica. How sweet of you to choose my blog.

I'm much better, thank you. I just have to wear a knee support for a while.

I'm trying to catch up with everyone, and just about to have a look at what you've been up to since I last visited your blog. Thank you once again! xx

Unknown said...

You are so right, Sasha's blog is gorgeous x I am now a follower! x Leigh x

Bea said...

visited the blog - agree she is certainly one talented indivdual