Monday, 10 March 2014

After a long absence

Hello lovely peeps,

Life has been a bit of an adventure... Aleeza had a fall from the monkey bars in school and she fell on her arm and incurred two fractures on her right arm. The school called me to immediately and it took me like 40 minutes to reach instead of the regular twenty minutes on other days. Aleeza has such a fantastic teacher who stayed by her while the nurse wrapped a bandage around her heavily swollen arm. She told me later that he was so kind and even kissed her on her head and she was so touched and comforted. Funny how human touch is still the most healing inspite of all the technology we may invent. The head nurse happened to be around and she came along with me to the hospital which was another big blessing. The X-ray showed two fractures, one of them rather major but luckily no surgery was needed. It took us all of nine hours in the emergency and in the hospital to get the procedure done under general anesthesia. She is so positive and bright and says she has no pain just lots of itching. Amazing how quickly kids heal!!! 

My card above made with a bee sticker bought from the Japanese section of a book store. The ribbon is from a book store in Prague (three years ago) - it is a bit unstraight but that is the best I could do with it. I like my clouds made out of vellum and the embossed background.

Aleeza doing art  above with her left hand on an old tee shirt using her sister's Sharpies.

More art above - a blank puzzle that she is designing.

A fresh lotus bloom that I found in our jogging rack in huge pot with water. 

Happy Monday,



McCrafty's Cards said...

Poor Aleeza, I am glad to hear is is on the mend and I see she is enjoying her art, I hope you are well Monica, I love this sweet card the little bee is sweet and I like the embossed background
Kevin xx

Donna Ellis said...

Good Morning, Monica! Sorry to hear about Aleeza, but glad she is coping well, and mending quickly. She will be ready for that cast to come off and play again! Your card is adorable - such a pretty background, and darling little bee! Hope you are doing as well as your daughter, Monica - and that your "journey" is progressing as you had hoped. hugs, de

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hi Monica. Your card is delightful, and I just love the background, and the ribbon is such a fabulous bright happy colour, gorgeous.
Ahh, look at gorgeous Aleeza, she still manages to have a lovely smile, and do her crafting too. I hope her arm recovers soon. Give her a hug from me. I will email shortly my friend.
Love Sandra xxx

Helen said...

Such a brave girl. I love the card. It is so cute.

jimlynn said...

Sounds like life has REALLY been keeping you busy! Poor sweet little Aleeza! My heart goes out to her. She's getting the best care in the world with you by her side though. Sending hugs for all of y'all.
Fun card and that little bee is precious! So very cute.
Gorgeous lotus too! Wow!

Merry said...

I hope Aleeza's arm keeps getting better without too much itching. Big hugs. Such a fun card with the bee….the vellum clouds are a great idea. Love that lotus flower it looks like it is made with tissue paper. So delicate.

Crafty Mimi said...

Great Cards!