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Hello sweet bloggers,

Thanks for the kind words of support you all expressed in my last post. I am hoping and praying that wisdom will prevail and the wrong doers will naturally own up to help save the innocent teachers who have been illegally arrested.

This card has been made from an image that I found on a brochure and felt it was just too beautiful to be trashed. So here is the simple beauty I created which gave me much joy.
As you know, we have moved to Singapore, so am contemplating which charity to donate my cards too. In Jakarta, I was supporting five primary schoolers with the sale proceeds of my cards. 

As of now I just may send these cards to the wives of the two teachers who are in prison with the hope that they will need cards very soon to send as thank yous when their dear husbands are released from prison.

I will enter this card in the following challenge:

Wish you a happy day,



Hello Monica. I do hope that sense will prevail and the teachers are released soon. There families must be going through a very traumatic time right now. I am saying prayers for them and hope that they help in some small way.
Monica, you truly have a "HEART OF GOLD". You are always thinking of other people, despite you having such a busy home life right now. I will email you very soon.
Lots of love dear friend, Sandra xxx
Beautiful card Monica, I think its a lovely idea to send cards to the wife's they will know they have support and that is important right now.
Kevin xx
jimlynn said…
Monica, this is a beautiful idea to send cards to the wives of those teachers. You're so very special.
You're my queen of recycling too and I love this bright and gorgeous card. So very lovely.
Bea said…
What a beautiful card Monica - I am sure the wives of the teachers will love to receive it.
nwilliams6 said…
Monica, I totally see why you would save this image - it is beautiful. Love the ribbon too. I hope the teachers are released. I hate to admit I don't know the situation but it sounds terrible. I try not to listen to the news anymore as it stresses me out and seems to get worse every day. I think sending your cards to the wives would be a wonderful idea. Hugz - lots of them.
8upscrapin said…
Your creation is beautiful!! Thanks so much for joining Chocolate Coffee and cards for our polka dot challenge... Crystal - DT
Merry said…
This card is stunning....I agree you just had to use that wonderful flower on a card.

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