Thursday, 28 August 2014

I have been missing blogging so much!!!

Hello sweet bloggers,

I have been so busy ever since we moved into our own home on the 16th. The girls started their school on the 18th and we are trying our to make our new apartment look like our home. The art room is the last to receive my attention as there is so much to do even though we have come a long way.

Here is a card I made with a recycled image from a brochure. Zeenya was mighty disappointed with my attempt at recycling but I do like what I did even though it was not much.

I promise to come and visit your blogs as soon as my life looks a bit normal. As of now, I am obsessed with hanging pictures, sorting out book cases, arranging cupboards and more.

Have a lovely Thursday,



Skye said...

A lovely card. The pretty ribbon works so well with the image.
Shifting is a BIG job. Sound as though you have it under control now.
Thank you for asking after my mother's health. Her progress is slow but better. She still isn't eating and is very frail but she still has a sense of humour. She is quite amazing.

jimlynn said...

Monica, it's beautiful! I love that picture of the birds and it just can't get any prettier than this.
Hang in there on all the moving stuff/organizing/etc. It just takes a while to get it all squared away. My daughter moved in June and she's still working on hers!

nwilliams6 said...

hello Monica! I know how a move can consume your time - glad you are getting closer to settling in. Do you all move a lot?

I think your card is wonderful! Bright and cheerful colors and the ribbon is perfect!

Happy Friday! Hugz!

Shirley-Anne said...

Beautiful image used perfectly .
hugs Shirley-Anne

Dr Sonia S V said...

What a gorgeous was just meant for recycling!!