Art work by Aleeza and a very dear friend

Hello sweet bloggers,

Gosh, I have been missing so much haven't I? Just settling in and getting used to life here and having house guests seems to be taking all of me. It is barely a month since we moved here but it seems longer for some reason.

Here is something to share and it is not a card... It is Aleeza's art work created in her art class. I loved it and am sure you will do. It reminds me of juicy watermelons. Lol. What does it remind you of?

Here is Aleeza (on the right) with her new friend Tatiana in her PE uniform. Yes, we are adapting to a "uniform" culture here. Lol.

More friends of Aleeza

This painting was made by a dear friend many years ago, maybe seven years ago. Isn't it so very vibrant?

I promise to come and visit soon. Pardon my tardiness.

Lots of love,


Hello my friend, my how you have been missed, blogland doesnt seem the same without you.
I love Aleeza's painting, and it is so lovely to hear that you are all starting to settle in to your new surroundings.
Take care.
Lots of love, Sandra xxx
jimlynn said…
Cute, cute little girls and I could just hug each one of them! Aleeza is growing up so fast now!

Her art work is exactly that....a work of art! WOW! She did a great job on here. It reminds me of lollypops! So fun!
Glad everything is going good with you!
Donna Ellis said…
Hi, dearest Monica! I have so enjoyed these photos of your new life. Aleeza is darling, of course, and yes, her masterpiece resembles watermelons, but it also reminds me of newly budding flowers growing toward the sun and ready to burst open! Thanks for sharing about school uniforms. I wish we had to wear them when I was a child, and am grateful that many of the public schools require them now. hugs, de
nwilliams6 said…
Monica - Aleeza is a doll and it looks like she is enjoying things there. Love her artwork - it reminds me of flower and watermelon. Very well done and the colors are wonderful. Your artwork by a friend is beautiful too - thought provoking like a women walking quietly and almost invisibly. Miss ya! Hugz!
Shirley-Anne said…
Hi Monica . What lovely photos Aleeza and friends .. Now her art work ...well my first thought was of scoops of flavoured icecream ...strawberry , lime with a dash of pineapple . And your friend's painting I too thought of a woman walking away ..blending into the back ground ..
great post Monica
hugs Shirley-Anne
Bea said…
It is lovely MOnica and it reminds me of some of the late paintings of Picasso where he painted with that type of effect - the ones I saw in Spain.
Merry said…
Aleeza's painting is very tropical....

So good to see she is happily making friends at her new school.

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