Sunday, 26 July 2015

Just some random pictures

Hello sweet peeps,

It is summer hols and sometimes I wish I could run away to Starbucks with my computer and just be with me. Anyway, since I don't have a dog or a cat, I decided to marry, have a husband (who is a workaholic) and kids (who are lovely most of the time but I am not). I would have loved a cat or a dog but am not sure how I would handle their poop and pee schedules. I wish someone would give me a medal for being a stay at home mother. Lol.

Below is Aleeza with her drawing she copied from the Ipad. She thinks using an Ipad is the hippest thing on earth. Lol.

This  Mandala art work was done by Zeenya and it got special place in the Visual Arts Exhibit in school when she was in Grade 8. She is soon going to be entering Grade 10 and does not a wee bit of art. 

This was also done in Grade 8 by Zeenya.

Wish you a happy, healthy and above all an arty-crafty day,



Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica. Oh what talented girls you have. Lovely pictures full of gorgeous bright colours. I wonder where they have got the artistic talent from, hahahaha. Of course it is you Monica.
Happy crafting, and hopefully I will email soon.
Lots of love, Sandra xxx

Skye said...

Two wonderful pieces of artwork. Both girls are very talented. They obviously take after their mother.

Donna Ellis said...

You are TOO beautiful and sweet! Thanks for sharing your family's photos! xo

Merry said...

What great photos Monica….so love your comments at the beginning. I bet you are having much more fun with a husband and kids. More memories to look back on. Time is going quick as I did not realise both of your girls were in high school now. Enjoy.