Sunday, 9 August 2015

"Rakhi" card

Hello sweet bloggers,

My older one, Zeenya is going to be entering Grade 10 and a new school yet again. After we moved from Indonesia last year, this will be her second school. Aleeza who will go to Grade 2 will continue in the same school as she is on a waitlist in the new school. However Zeenya's school will not require much time from me so it should work out fine as far as volunteering activities go. Or so I guess!!!

Today I am sharing a commissioned card for "Rakhi"which is an Indian celebration where the sister lovingly ties a friendship band (they are very ornate and often made of pure silver) on her brother/s. The brother/s spoil her by showering cash or gifts on her. The meaning of this ceremony runs deep implying that the brother will always protect and take care of his sister. It is indeed touching and sweet to watch the sister tying "Rakhi" on her brother. "Rakhi" is the name of the friendship band in Hindi. This card was ordered by someone I know and I had lots of fun making it. 

The 'oh so pretty' paper red and gold  on this card were sent to me by Terry some three years or so ago and I have used a gold cord and an actual "Rakhi" which has two beautiful rhine stones on it. The paper looks royal in real life and I wish the photo looked as nice. 

 Down below are pictures of the River Cruise that Aleeza and I went to. It was a fifteen minutes long scenic cruise.

These are pictures of water hyacinths that I saw along the walk way.

 I found this blossom so pretty that I had to picture it. The shades of pink on the petals are just so mesmerising for me. It reminds me of the paper flowers that I used to make.

 Wishing you health, happiness and crafting,



Skye said...

A lovely card. The red & gold make it look quite regal. I love that you have used an actual "Rakhi".

The water hyacinths are very pretty, such a delicate pink.

I hope you have a lovely Golden Jubilee SC50 National Celebration day.

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica. Oh what a gorgeous card and I just adore those colours. Red and Gold, so classy and wonderful.
Love your photographs, it looks like you have had a wonderful time with Aleeza.
Please take care and I will try and email soon.
Lots of love, Sandra xxx

Donna Ellis said...

Terry's card is pretty and so are your photos! The years go quickly, don't they, Monica? xo

McCrafty's Cards said...

Beautiful card Monica I love the red and gold, lovely photo's
Kevin xx

Jean said...

This looks really beautiful Monica, I love the red and gold paper.
Jean x

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW it is so pretty ...vibrant!!
Dr Sonia
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Sue said...

A beautiful card and photo's Monica,hugs

nwilliams6 said...

This is beautiful and elegant! Beautiful colors and details! Lovely. Hugz