Friday, 26 May 2017

Partly recycled card and my mum's embroidery

Hello sweet bloggers,

Yes, life has been busy with my initiative called United World Sanctuary, my new self study of essential oils and my fave passion called Meditation. On Monday, I am hosting a workshop on essential oils and a special massage technique with them called Rainbow technique on Monday, 29th at my place. There is a very learned lady here from the US who will be teaching us and I am excited.

Now to my simple card which has pretty much used recycled material. The sweet hippo has been die cut from a yoghurt lid and the blue nestie you see was part of a brochure in it's previous avatar. The grey banner is designer paper given by a dear friend. The blue and grey paper actually shine pretty much in real life. The sentiment on this card is one of my favourites. I did take a permanent black marker and touch up the happy hippo's eyes, ears and smile. 

I thought of sharing this pretty embroidery that my mum did in Home Science which she did a degree in. This was embroidered in the 1960s. She claims the 3D effect is because she used all six veins at the same time. She always tells me that one should create stuff that takes the least amount of time and is pretty at the same time. Well, this proves her theory quite so. Lol.

Happy crafting,



kiwimeskreations said...

What a gorgeous card Monica - love that hippo and his cute smile!
The embroidery is stunning - using all six strands certainly gives it dimension.

Donna Ellis said...

Lovely embroidery, Monica! Your mom has such delicate, perfect stitches. My mother in law used to embroider as well. I think it may be one art form which is losing ground in the US. Love your "yogurt" hippo! LOL She looks like a charm, and so sweet with that happy smile. The sentiment is FANTASTIC! Best wishes for your Essential Oils work shop, too! xx

Jean said...

A cute hippo, I like the use of recycled materials in your card.
Your Mum's embroidery is beautiful, such pretty colours.
Jean x

nwilliams6 said...

Super fun card, Monica. I have several friends who are also my therapists. Fun! Your Mom's embroidery is gorgeous and she was right on her comment about making beautiful things. Hope your oil/massage/meditation event came out wonderfully - wish I could have been there. Hugz

Monika Reeck said...

Cute hippo Monica
hehe its from Yoghurt Lid? you are so creative Monica
and the sentiment is so sweet
love the added Blue too Monica
your mom did so adorable embroidery
so sweet
I cant do that its so great
I was learn as I was 8 or 9 years old but only learn make simple flower hehe and now forget already
nice post Monica
thanks for remember me

Skye said...

A fun card. I like your super cute hippo and the great sentiment. I think mine would read I have you and coffee. My "therapist" friend and I always have our "sessions" over coffee.

Skye said...

I forgot to comment on your mother's beautiful embroidery. It is so pretty. Does she still do embroidery. My mother used to embroider until her eyesight became a problem. Your family must have arty genes. Three generations - your mother, you and now Aleeza.