Hello and all!

Dear bloggers,

I sure have been away since October. 
I had some health issues which kept me away. 

This is a post to say that I am on my road to recovery and that is a big thing for me.

I will try and post slowly and surely and will certainly try and visit your blogs. 

Wish you happy and crafty time,



Sorry to hear you have not been well Monica - praying that your recovery is full, and very rapid now.
nwilliams6 said…
Hope you are doing better, Monica!!!! Praying for you!!!! Many hugz
Donna Ellis said…
Hope you are soon feeling better, Monica. Please take care, and know you are thought of fondly. hugs, de
Monika Reeck said…
I am sorry to hear you were sick Monica
hope you will recovery soon
miss you and biig hugs

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