Saturday, 25 August 2018

Hello after such a long gap

Hello bloggers,

I sure have been busy - firstly we moved home luckily in the same complex and secondly my older one, Zeenya left for university yesterday. It was a time full of emotions but we seem to be okay so far. She has been such a helpful little elf to me with technology and so many other spheres. I will be brave and learn to be happy without her. She will be back for Christmas which makes Aleeza and me very excited.

I have not made a card in the last few months and my mojo seemed to evade me. Yet I put together this very quick card which seems a tad crooked. I have used foam pad under the white paper and the die cut was delicately pushed into the reverse side. I took a little bit of glue and carefully stuck the tree. The green paper is very pretty in real life but looks dull in the photo.

Happy blogging,



kiwimeskreations said...

Oh yes, to have a 'child' leave home is always hard - especially when they help so much with technology!!
Love your card Monica - the simple green and white is stunning.

jimlynn said...

You really do sound like you've been busy! And Zeenya leaving for school....oh my! The emotions really were running high. That's one of the hardest things a parent can do is watch that first child start out on their own that way. She's going to be fine though and so will you! You tree is CAS and beautiful! Love everything about this card. Hugs to you - Lynn

nwilliams6 said...

Great Christmas card, Monica. Love the die. Glad you got to move home and back where you were so you can easily connect. Many hugz

Merry said...

Wow, Zeenya has gone to university….I feel like I have been away from blogland way too long. I hope all goes well for her move and studies. The distance does get a little easier over time but it is always so nice to hear from the kids. :-) I really like what you have done with this card the tree looks all snowy.