Sunday, 23 May 2010

I dry embossed this and glued it on to metallic green paper... sorry the picture quality is not the best.
For the shading I used pastel chalks from Dover craft. My daughter picked them up from a craft store in the UK thinking that they were eye shadows and that she could use them for dress ups!
I love using these chalks.


Amanda said...

Hi Monica, thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Is this now your new blog?
Have a great week!!

Monica said...

Hey Amanda,

I have been missing you...

How was your mum's birthday?



Monica said...

Amanda, what do you think of my new blog and it's new name?

I used one of my cards as the blog design.


Loraine Arderne said...

Really pretty card Monica - so subtle!

Monica said...

Thanks Loraine,

I am going to try my hand at parchment craft now that Amanda has challenged me to use my parchment kit which has been lying with me for years now!!

Ali said...

Monica, what a beautiful card! TY for popping over to my Blog, so sweet of u~! Awesome that you seel your cards and give the proceeds to charity: just awesome. xox-Ali in Nova Scotia Canada

Monica said...

Ali, thank you too for your kind words...

Yes, I love the thrill I get from selling my cards for charity... it gives me a high.

And as I always say, it is good to sell them off otherwise my home would be too messy.

I like visiting your site and looking at your creations.