Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Another charity sale at Zeenya's school

Hello bloggers,

Thanks to all the love and encouragement from you ladies, I managed to sell 51 of my 68 cards at Zeenya's school. That makes a total of 91 cards that I sold in both the schools.

Yippee! I was thrilled to bits... Of course a lot of credit goes to the children and their mums who bought my cards.

The card above is actually recyled from an Indian wedding card... All I did was to cut borders out of the old card and stick some sequins and punch out a round shape from the new love of my life - my Cuttlebug!
Stuck everything on gold card stock to make it look even more rich.

Below are some pics of the cards for the sale.

 This was a quick make with 3D stickers and pop up punches that I got from Hobby craft in London.
 Oh my lovely Cuttlebug - the ladies who bought these cards simply loved the embossed effect. They thought that I had bought ready made embossed paper.
 These reindeer were left over from another card and this is what I did with them.

Zeenya distressed and stamped this teddy bear... happily taken by a small girl in school.
 This was a card for little boys.
 Card for men.
 Famous paisley card done by mum - Zeenya distressed the image. The very first card to be sold!
 Peace signs by Zeenya... she did not think it was worth selling but it sold!
Puppy card.

Everytime I have a charity sale and it does well, I am on cloud nine...

I am linking the very first card on this post to Monique's blog -

Thanks again for your motivating and kind comments.




Unknown said...

Wow loads of cards Monica. Well done for selling so many.

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica. These are beautiful and you should be very proud of your achievement. You have the most loving and caring heart and a lot of people are blessed to be your friend.
So many people benefit from your giving to charity, and I know they would all be very proud of you and what you do. Happy crafting sweetie.
Lots of love, Sandra xx
PS. Will try and email soon xxx

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello again Monica. Please visit my blog, I have left something there for you. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xx

jimlynn said...

WOW Monica!!! Congrats, congrats, congrats on selling so many!!! That's ALOT of cards. ALL of these are wonderful. So pretty!!! That first card is just stunningly elegant. Wonderful job.

C said...

Congratulations on your card sales!! Love all the shimmer!!

Terry Oulboub said...

Monica, you're a wonderful crafter and it is so lovely to see your daughter, Zeenya has helped; how wonderful! These are such beautiful cards and I love how you manage to recycle bits here and create a fantastic new card that is even lovelier. What a sensational person you are! ;-)

A Year Of Quotes said...

They are all lovely!

Unknown said...

You are so inspiring Monica, and I am so very pleased that your spirit of "Giving back" has obviously been inherited by your clever daughter x well done both of you x you are a wonderful team!!!! Leigh x

Merry said...

Wow...these are such lovely cards. No wonder you sold so many. Love the embossed cards with the reindeer and the cars on them. What a way to use that embossing folder. Thanks also for popping over my way and leaving a lovely message.

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Great job with the cards and the sales!!! So glad it went well for you and obviously - with the products you had!!!
Congrats :)

Andrea said...

Wow Monica - you deserve to be on cloud 9 after making and selling so many fabulous cards. Well done, and well done to your daughter for her input too.
Love, Andrea xx

california donate car program said...

You are good! Keep making cute cards.

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Beautiful gold card love the added embellishments and 3-d circle! I really like the tissue paper background on your blue cards too. :)

Naturally Me Creations said...

Those are lovely cards Monica! And congratulations on your excellent sales! :D I hope my card sales will be so successful! ;)

Thanx so much for also think these up at my party this weekend! :)