Saturday, 13 November 2010

Yet another award from Sandra!

Hiya bloggers,

I am delighted  to receive my third award from Sandra... she always makes me smile. Am on top of the world... thank you Sandra from the bottom of  my heart for ALWAYS encouraging me.

I am supposed to pass it on to 5 people... here they are:

Lynn  for always leaving me motivated and charged up!

Shirley-Anne  I admire her deeply for her values - so full of positivity.

Charitycrafter  She is an amazing lady - spreading cheer every where.

Michelle  Another charming crafter with a heart of gold!

Marie  I love her wit and humour.

 Do visit their blogs and see their lovely creations.




Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica. You are so welcome sweetie. You are always very kind to me, leaving lovely comments and emailing to make sure that I am well, you are so very caring. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xx

Michelle said...

Hi Monica

Wow, thank you so much, you are so sweet to pass this award on to me.

Michelle :-)

jimlynn said...

Thanks so much're too sweet. I've been so bad about not passing these awards on when I get one - but this one I will be SURE and do since it came from you. I'll get it posted tomorrow. Thank you.

Unknown said...

WELL DONE YOU!!!!! x Thank you honey for thinking of me x it would be difficult not to spread cheer when around you x you never fail to make me smile x And a smile just has to be shared x thanks so much x leigh x

cardmaking bird said...

Awww - well done Monica. You deserve it as you're such a kind and giving person. My wit and humour - am I funny?!?!? Glad someone thinks so!! Hugs, Marie xx

Shirley-Anne said...

Monica, you are very kind to think of me as you pass on your well deserved blog award.
I truly appreciate your visits to my blog and the caring thoughts you send my way .Once a week with my blog visiting is all I can manage for now and was pleasantly surprised with your sharing . I have browsed your blog while accepting this award from you and I must say you have been extremely busy . I love how you weave your generosity of spirit in each and every one of your creations . Thank you too for sharing and showcasing your families cards too . Hope I can be more regular with my visits soon . HUGS