Monday, 13 December 2010

Card from a price tag!!!

Hello bloggers,

I have been MIA as my motherly responsibilities have increased multi-fold but I am not complaining... It is just that I miss my blogging time and everything connected with it.

I have made this card with a price tag (from one of my fave stores that sells the finest cotton in New Delhi). The next picture show the actual tag.

I dressed up the tag with Indian ribbons and glitter. Finished it by pasting it on to shimmery brown card stock. Sorry for the poor picture quality!

This card looks much nicer in real life... did not have the heart to sell it, though.




Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Monica. You are so creative, and those Indian ribbons are just so beautiful. Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xxx

jimlynn said...

Amazing!!! And the card is just beautiful. You're so very creative to think to use that tag. Wonderful idea and I don't blame you for not selling this....just so pretty.

Unknown said...

That is such a clever idea Monica to cover parts of the tag with ribbon!! love it x Leigh x