Tuesday, 21 January 2014

99 percent recycled

Hello sweet peeps,

I have been so busy trying to resettle into my regular routine after our big travel however it seems to take longer than ever. Maybe it is a good idea to just be and let things flow at their own pace rather than rush them. The kids are back to school and that is what is most important I guess. My exercise and sleep routine are still all over the place and inspite of not much time difference from India to Indonesia I am all over the place.

Now to my card which I made for Aleeza's friend. Can you beat that everything on this card has been recycled from the reverse nestie to the image and the name, Alex. And let me tell you where the image came from? Okay how about a wild guess? You give up, right? Well, they came from a free origami kit that Aleeza got when we flew Singapore Airlines. I thought we were lucky to find a card that was perfect for Alex. What a coincidence that was.

 Thanks for kind comments and condolences on my mum in law's passing away. Hubby who is so strong otherwise is a changed man. Funny how older the parents, more the loss. I thought it was easier to let go when parents are old but I am noticing that even though my hubby is in his fifties and his mum was 97, he is still finding it hard. Infact out of the three siblings that they are, he seems the most affected.

Catch you later.




Sue said...

Hello Monica,love your card,well done Aleeza for getting the Origami kit.
Hope you get your sleep pattern back to normal soon.
Sometimes it takes some people longer to get over a parent.I know my late Hubby did.
Hugs Sue xx

jimlynn said...

Monica, I just love it when you recycle things for cards - and they always look fantastic. This is going to be great for a young boy and know he'll love it.
Sending big hugs to your husband and know that with time, it'll be better.

Merry said...

Already, I am playing catch up this year Monica. It is so good to see you back in blog land. So sorry to hear about your husbands mother….although 97 years is a wonderful lifetime. What a fantastic card and makes it even more special that everything is recycled. Clever.

Susan Hogan said...

Sorry to hear of your loss Monica - yes, my hubby whose Mum was 99 when she died was very quiet for the longest time and really can get teary at unexpected times still. I guess they feel they will be there all the time. our card is very cute and I LOVE to see the reuse policy is still in operation!

nwilliams6 said...

I don't think losing a parent is tough no matter the age or circumstances - that loss of an anchor and their unconditional love is tough. I am sorry for your loss.

Your card is super fun - love the image and the way you framed it. Very great idea! Hugz!