Happy to be back

Hello sweet bloggers,

Happy New Year to all of you! Wish you all (and meself) a healthy,  happy and abundant 2014.
I am sorry for my sudden absence, the reason being that I lost my 97 year old mother in law so  we had to suddenly fly to the UK and spent a week with my hubby's family. It was a sad time yet it was a celebration of her life well lived. After the funeral we visited New Delhi to see my dear mum and spent a few sunny days in Goa with her. It was lovely as the pictures will tell you.

Down below is a beach in Goa - idyllic and beautiful, a quaint island state with a strong Portuguese character.

A famous church in Goa called Bom Jesus where the body of St Francis Xavier has been lying since many centuries.

Inside the church is this beautiful coffin where the saint's body is housed. Wish this was a clearer picture but if you look intently, you can see his head on the right hand side.

 I saw these lovely vases in a hotel in Goa and had to show them to you.

 This is a picture with a very dear friend in a beautiful Crafts Village in New Delhi taken with this man from Rajasthan (a colourful Indian state with beautiful palaces, jewels and fabrics) playing a flute. Can you spot how long his mustache is??? He decided to park these funny turbans on our heads when we asked him for a picture. Again I wish the picture quality was better.

 At last a card to show you which I made in the UK for my sister in law. I managed 20 quick cards and left most of them for her to use. She wanted thank you cards to give at the hospital where my mother in law was admitted. This was made with bare minimum embellies as that is all I had. I purchased everything from The Range including the card stock to make these quickies.

Will come and visit you soon after unpacking our bags.



Viv said…
Sympathy on your loss Monica but uplifting that you all could celebrate a life well lived.
Lovely pics too - am glad you managed some quality time with your Mum - makes for lovely memories! x
Sue said…
Sorry to hear your sad loss Monica.
Beautiful pictures of Goa,my Daughters in Laws were there before Christmas,they love it there.
I am so sure your cards were loved by the hospital.
Sue xx
Anonymous said…
Hello Monica-I am sorry for you loss xx
Glad you could take some time out to enjoy such a beautiful place-lovely photographs-and you are a true crafter to have made such a beautiful card with such limited supplies!
Have a good day,Hugs,Nessa xxx
Donna Ellis said…
Really sweet card, Monica - so glad you are back. Isn't it wonderful that you were able to visit your MIL during the summer vacation you took? I'm very sorry for your loss, and your husband's loss - but glad you had taken that trip previously. Thank you for sharing the photos from your visit to Goa! I bet your mum was happy to see you! love, de
jimlynn said…
Monica, I'm so glad you're back safe and sound yet so sorry to hear about your mother in law! I am glad you we able to visit with your mother though and the photos you took are heavenly looking! I love that guys mustache!!!! Don't think I've ever seen on like that before.
Love your card too! Those butterflies are so pretty! Lovely, lovely card.

Angela said…
Welcome back, Monica! I'm so sorry for your loss but it was also a joy for you to see family!
Don't under estimate the power of bare minimum. This card is simply STUNNING! The recipients will be blown away.
Shirley-Anne said…
Hello Monica .Condolences to you and Husband for the loss of loved family member .
Beautiful travel photos and wonderful card . Love the patterned ribbon and those pretty butterflies .
hugs Shirley-Anne
Merry said…
Again, so wonderful to see you back in blogland. What terrific photos you have shared…love the stories that go with each of them. Thanks for sharing them.

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