Saturday, 27 February 2016

Blogging again

Hello dear bloggers,

Here is a quick card that was made with washi tape, diecut and ribbon. Does it look too stark? The grey birds are actually silver in real life so it looks less sombre. 

 My girls and I went to the President's estate a few weeks ago as it was an open day and this papaya tree took my fancy so here is a picture with this cute tree. In real life, I am not a big fan of papayas though.

Down below is Aleeza's art work which I may have shared earlier. The colours are so vibrant, aren't they?

Wish you a happy Saturday,



jimlynn said...

Three beautiful young ladies, fabulous artwork, and a gorgeous card! Love your card Monica. Perfect CAS design for that die too.
Aleeza did great on the sea scene! They look so real!

Donna Ellis said...

Your CAS masterpiece is delightful! Wish I could create them so masterfully! This is one of my favorite photos of you and your daughters! Monica, you look peaceful, happy and BEAUTIFUL... So do your sweet daughters! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week! Hugs, de

Merry said...

I like your card the way it is Monica. Simple and effective. Lovely photo of you an the girls. The pawpaws are different to what we have over here. They are long and yellow ours are squat and orange. All the stems of the leaves are red ours are green. This is why I love blogging we get to see different things around the world. Beautiful artwork by Aleena too.